"I'm a big believer in building projects around people and giving them the tools and support they need to be successful."

I started my career as a business analyst way back in 1987. And a lot has changed since then! The nature of work itself has continued to evolve along with new technologies and innovations. But, one thing has always remained the same - our need for creative, curious and talented people to make business decisions and provide their unique insights.

While I was managing a software development team at Livestock Improvement Corporation, I was introduced to the agile approach. After attending an introduction to agile workshop with Shane Hastie, I could see the possibilities right away.

The agile way of working wasn't just about tools and frameworks for delivering software faster and more efficiently. The philosophy and way of thinking that resonated with me was the idea that, as leaders, we need to empower people through trust and autonomy.

Teams need to be carefully created to include the right people, skillsets and working environments to get the job done. So, when you create a culture of trust and openness, people will continually deliver amazing results.

After moving into the role of Chief Technology Officer at FarmIQ Systems Ltd, I led the product development teams with a dream of providing world-class software. An agile approach helped us make sure we were delivering the right products for customers in the right way and in a timely manner. We did this by creating a culture of continuous improvement, which involves pausing for retrospectives.

I also use the reflective practices of agile in my personal life. As a keen golfer, I'm always learning and reflecting on how I can improve my game. To relax, you will often find me out walking in nature. I live in the best little capital city in the world, Wellington, right by the Zealandia nature reserve fence line.


My certifications:

  • Certified Business Analysis Professionalâ„¢ (CBAP), IIBA®
  • ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP)
  • ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Product Ownership (ICP-APO)
  • ICAgile Certified Professional - Lean Portfolio Management (ICP-LPM)

My education:

  • Bachelor of Science in Physics and Computing, University of London
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