Agility is the ability to adapt and respond to change.

Agile methods are critical to modern businesses due to the role it plays in fostering adaptability, collaboration, and iterative progress.

With rapid technological advancements and evolving market demands, agility enables businesses to respond swiftly to change, innovate efficiently, and deliver customer-centric solutions.

Agile specialists play a crucial role in business transformation, ensuring seamless collaboration between cross-functional teams, effective communication, and the continuous delivery of high-value outcomes.

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Partnering with SoftEd

SoftEd stands out as a leader in Agile training, offering comprehensive skills development and full career pathways for organisation and professionals in Agile methods.

Our programs are designed by globally recognised Agile coaches and we are one of the largest ICAgile member organisations meaning that our courses are framework agnostic. 

From foundational principles to advanced practices, our Agile training provides organisations and their teams with the expertise needed to navigate complex projects and drive success.

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SoftEd offers a wide range of Agile related courses that cover all levels, many of which will help you towards various ICAgile Certifications. 

Our globally recognised accredited trainers and coaches will guide you through interactive and engaging course content. With the option of In-Person or LiveOnline, there is a course to suit everyone.

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Agile Fundamentals

Want to know what agile is all about? If you’re new to the agile world and need a solid introduction to the agile way of thinking and doing – our Agile Fundamentals course is a…

Agile Quick Start

Are you or your team looking for a quick introduction to Agile principles and practices or a refresher before starting a new initiative?
The agile way of working promises…

Business Agility Fundamentals

How can you help your organisation evolve its structures, processes, and mindset to embrace a new way of working and sustain business agility in a rapidly changing…

Agile For Executives

Is your executive team or senior leadership group looking to utilise agility to adapt in a dynamic landscape and drive better outcomes? 

In today's rapidly changing business…

Agile Coaching

Are you an experienced agile practitioner looking to build your skills and mindset to be an effective Agile Coach in today's rapidly evolving business landscape? 

In a world…

Delivery At Scale

Many teams are seeing the benefits of applying an agile approach to their work, including increased collaboration and engagement, more adaptability, faster delivery and improved…

Enterprise Agile Coaching

Are you an Agile Coach or practitioner looking for the skills needed to enable organisational structure and process improvements in support of achieving business agility?

As the…

Coaching Agile Transformations

As coach how can you become a true catalyst for change?

In this course, you’ll learn to hold the tension between what an organisation wants, what the individuals within the…

Agile Business Analysis

How do you combine business analysis skills with agile approaches and practices?
Agile delivery teams need skilled business analysts that can bridge the gap between eliciting…

Agile Product Ownership

How do we ensure that the right product is built in the right way to most effectively solve the right business problem?
Agile delivery teams need an empowered Product Owner that…

Agile Programming Techniques

Learn how to use agile programming practices to create high-quality systems.

During our Agile Programming Techniques course, you will gain hands-on experience and practice with…

Agile Design and Architecture

What does agile mean for architects and designers? Agile is not about doing a big design up-front, but it is also not about doing no design up-front either. While we defer design…

Agile For Managers

As a manager, you’ve probably heard the word agile being bandied about. But how can it make a real difference to your organisation? And more importantly, how can you make it work…

Agile Team Facilitation

Are you a Scrum Master, Agile Coach or agile practitioner looking to improve your facilitation skills?

Much of the work on agile projects happens in group sessions: team members…

Product Management

How can we bring products to market that customers love in a way that is more expedient and more efficient?

This is the role of the product manager. In this course you will learn…

Agile Project Management

Want to learn about modern delivery approaches to ensure you’re adding maximum value? 

Our Agile Project Management course is designed for those working in a project, product or…

Lean Portfolio Management

How can an organisation adapt its portfolio management practices to better align with lean and agile principles, thereby enhancing flexibility, value delivery and organisational…

DevOps Fundamentals

Are you ready to streamline how you deliver value to your customers?

In solving one problem, agile has created a new bottleneck at the interface between development and…

Implementing DevOps

Are you a developer or operations staff member working in a DevOps environment? Applying DevOps requires well-defined goals and a good understanding of the different tools…

Leading Self: Leading with Agility

Do you have the effective leadership skills to lead both yourself and your people in a constantly adapting and changing work environment?

In the new world of work, leadership is…

Agile in HR

Agile transformation is now a top priority for most organisations. This has enormous implications for the HR function which is central to the transition and on-going enablement of…

Agile Testing

Are you a tester working on agile projects?

Adapt and enhance your existing testing skills and learn to work effectively as a professional tester on an agile team. Our Agile…

Agile Test Automation

Would automation add value to your test team?

Our Agile Test Automation course examines the application of automated testing in teams working in an agile environment. It delves…

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