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What is the course like?

How do we ensure that the right product is built in the right way to most effectively solve the right business problem? To answer this question, product owners need clarity of vision, alignment with organisational strategy, an understanding of the development process and the ability to communicate with a wide variety of stakeholders.

Through our Agile Product Ownership course, you will gain the techniques and tools to enable you to become an effective product owner who is equipped to guide product development, and lead product ownership teams. Our course focuses on business value, the leadership needed to ensure product fit, and how these practices work in an agile development process. You will also cover value management, and how collaboration is so important to identify the most important aspects and features of a product.

You'll gain


ICAgile accredited course:  The ICAgile Certified Professional, Agile Product Ownership is granted on the successful completion of this course. This certification is part of the ICAgile Product Ownership Track along with our Agile Fundamentals and Enterprise Product Ownership courses. We offer the complete ICAgile Product Ownership Track for those looking to become an ICAgile Certified Expert in Product Ownership (ICE-PO).

This course will contribute 14 PMIĀ® Professional Development Units (PDUs) towards your chosen certification (4 leadership hours and 10 technical hours).

You'll learn

During this course you will learn about:

  • The roles and responsibilities involved in product ownership
  • How to help identify which products should be built to maximise business value using tools such as purpose alignment model, kano analysis, value stream mapping
  • How to build a product roadmap and link that to business outcomes
  • How to use personas and product design workshops to help define features and quality goals for building a product roadmap
  • The shape of a well-formed backlog and how to populate it progressively
  • Techniques such as story mapping, prioritisation and backlog grooming to build a release plan
  • How to use paper prototyping and usability heuristics to guide the design of the product
  • Stories for development on a just-in-time basis while ensuring the design principles and architectural guidelines are adhered to.

Great for

Those doing the roles of:

  • Product managers
  • Product owners
  • Product champions
  • Agile customers
  • Subject matter experts

And those that form part of the extended team of people supporting the product owner including:

  • Technical architects
  • UX designers
  • Business analysts
  • IV & V specialist testers
  • Auditors


You'll need

To get the most out of this course, you will need to have completed formal agile training such as our Agile Fundamentals course. You will also need to have a good understanding of your organisation's product development process and to have mastered the skill of building user stories.  


Cost: AUD$1,450 +GST (AUD$1,595 incl. GST)
Duration: 3 sessions of 4.5 hours each
20% off for Group bookings of three or more
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Here's what our customers are saying:

Craig brings great real-world experience and advice to the course to illustrate the concepts. He was really engaging and involved us consistently. Awesome!

- Brian May, AA Insurance

Craig was great with industry and real-life experience which he was able to relate to our experiences and projects.

- Loiuse Morton, IAG

Quick, breezy pace and James had a refreshing delivery style - well done!

- David de Zilwa, SES

James was an engaging instructor - a real expert in his knowledge. Learning materials provided were easy to follow and easy to refer back to.

- Elizabeth Dinov, IAG

Great insight into essential tools needed that can be used in Agile environments, across any project.

- Sam Day, Australia Post

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Agile Product Ownership