Terms and Conditions

Registration on Courses organised by Software Education Holdings Limited or its subsidiary companies ("SoftEd") is subject to your acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

Disqover is now a part of SoftEd and any Disqover registrations are also subject to these terms and conditions.

The word "Course" includes workshops, seminars, labs, conferences, online, assessments, "blended" courses and consulting. A person accepting these terms and conditions on behalf of another person or persons warrants and assures SoftEd that he or she has the authority of that other person or persons and their organisation to do so.

1. Registrations for each Course are accepted strictly in the order of arrival of a signed registration form or electronic registration via the SoftEd website. Software Education will be under no obligation to accept any registration.

2. Course fees are required to be paid in full within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of invoice. Invoices that are still unpaid after thirty calendar days will incur a late payment fee of 1% per month and any collection costs. For private registrations to be paid directly by the individual (not their organisation), payment is required in full prior to confirming your registration.

3. If you wish to cancel your registration, our policy is as follows:

a. Cancellations are accepted, without financial penalty and without imposition of administration fees provided we receive notice from you, in writing, ten or more business days before the start date of the Course.

b. Participants who fail to show, or from whom we receive cancellations within nine or less business days of the Course start date, or who only attend part of the Course are liable for the full fee. However, if requested in writing, a full set of Course notes will be provided.

4. If you wish to transfer to another Course date, our policy is as follows:

a. If you wish to transfer your registration to the same Course at a later date, or another Course at a later date, this is permitted provided you supply us with written notice ten or more business days before the original Course start date.

b. If you provide less than ten business days clear written notice, your original registration will be cancelled as per Clause 3 (b) and you will be invoiced for a $250+GST transfer fee.

5. Substitutions. Participant substitutions are accepted at any time prior to the Course start date without charge. Substitutions during the Course are only permitted with the written permission of SoftEd and additional charges and conditions may apply (call for details).

6. Late registrations. If a registration is received by SoftEd less than two business day before the start date of the Course, SoftEd will use best endeavours to confirm joining instructions to the customer but no guarantee is made in that regard.

7. Participants and their employing organisation accept the copyright and/or Intellectual Property of the Course materials. This includes the intellectual property and/or copyright of our Training Partners.

8. Whilst SoftEd has a policy to try to avoid Course cancellation, there will be a small number of Courses where participant numbers would be so small that the Course could not be properly taught. In such cases we reserve the right to cancel the Course and refund your fee.

9. SoftEd is not responsible for non-delivery, modification or curtailment of Courses because of circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

10. It is customary to discuss Course content with participants during the Course. In the event that the participants choose to modify the content to that published in the Course Description document, SoftEd reserves the right to follow the views of the majority of the participants and thereby make some modifications to the published description and content.

11. Whilst provided in good faith, SoftEd accepts no liability for any loss arising from any advice given, however caused.

12. In the event SoftEd has any liability to a participant or their organisation (whether in contract, tort or otherwise), SoftEd's liability is limited to the direct losses suffered up to a maximum of the value of the Course fee only. Any claim made against Software Education must be made within 12 months from the start date of  the Course from which the claim is being made.

13. Recording of Course sessions and the taking of photographs is not permitted.

14. Privacy Policy. SoftEd will hold these registration details securely in our Course administration system. Our policy is to not release or sell these details to third parties other than to our Training Partners in the case of  Courses run in conjunction with them, to the owner of any copyright in any of the training material we use and to any certification or accreditation bodies for the purpose of individual certification, to whom you authorise us to provide your details . We usually generate participant lists for distribution to those attending. Software Education may use the registration data to occasionally send out information about related Courses that could be of interest.

15. Group discount is only available when the correct promotion code is used and is not applied retrospectively to any registrations. Any cancellation that take the Group Booking below five for any course, is non-refundable irrespective of timing for notification (to cover the discount, that is no longer applicable) – however replacements are welcome at any time prior to the start of the course. Not available with any other discount.

16. For online courses, each individual participant will receive unique login details. Each login is for a single individual participant only and is not to be shared with others. Certificates of attendance are not issued for online courses. Unless specified as a discount specifically for online courses, standard discounts do not apply to online courses.

17. Online credit card payments are facilitated by DPS. When DPS transmits sensitive information (such as a credit card numbers) over the Internet, they protect it through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. Credit card details stored on site are encrypted using 168bit 3DES encryption. For more information on DPS's security and infrastructure please click here, and for more information on the DPS privacy policy please click here

Additional terms and conditions for Courses delivered In-house (onsite).

18. Any quotes including dates are vaild for 10 business days.

19. The Course is delivered for employees of the Customer only.

20. In exceptional circumstances and subject to the prior written agreement of both parties, either party may renegotiate delivery dates.

21. SoftEd undertakes to treat information about the Customer's business as confidential.

22. Courses typically run 9am-5pm with a one hour lunch break to be scheduled at convenience of the Customer (negotiable).

23. Should the Customer cancel or transfer this agreement to a later date with less than 15 business days clear written notice to SoftEd, there will be a cancellation charge of 50% of the Fees, along with any third party expenses already incurred. The clause superseeds clause 3 for the purpose of In-house Courses.

24. The Customer agrees not to offer any form of work (including but not limited to employment) to any SoftEd staff or contractors involved in the delivery of this Agreement for at least twelve months following the above “Delivery Dates”, except through SoftEd.

25. The Customer will provide a suitable training room, a data projector and a whiteboard.

26. Definitions

a. Customer is defined as the person or organisation responsible for paying the invoice.

b. Training Partner refers to any organisation or individual who owns the Intellectual Property in the Course Material with whom SoftEd has an agreement to deliver.

c. Intellectual Property includes all course material, documents, presentations and other collateral which forms part of the Course.