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What is the course like?

Understanding a problem – the real problem – is the role of the requirements process.  This course presents a comprehensive process for uncovering, testing and recording real requirements. 

Requirements discovery is no longer about producing large, unreadable (and often unread) specifications. Requirements are about uncovering the real needs of the problem space, understanding the needs of the people who use your solution, recognising the environment for the solution, then, in a timely manner, delivering requirements that are concise, clear and testable. 

This course shows you how to precisely define the scope of the business problem, to discover and involve the appropriate stakeholders and to use today’s techniques (like agile) to learn what the business really needs.

You'll learn

During this course you will learn about:

  • Determining the real needs of your stakeholders
  • The role of the business analyst in agile projects
  • Writing agile stories that are more effective and accurate
  • Writing requirements that are complete, traceable, and testable
  • Diverse elicitation techniques to uncover the real requirements
  • Using the Volere knowledge model to ensure you have all the needed information and nothing that is not needed
  • The need for, and how to write functional and non-functional requirements
  • Precisely defining the scope of the problem
  • Discovering all the stakeholders and keeping them involved
  • Uncovering the essence of the business
  • Using prototypes, sketches and storyboards to discover hidden needs
  • Using state of the art requirements techniques
  • Getting the requirements quickly, and incrementally
  • Writing the right requirements and stories.


Great for

This course would be beneficial to anyone involved in delivering value and has essential information for:

  • Business and systems analysts
  • Project leaders and managers
  • Consultants
  • Product owners
  • Product and program managers
  • Requirements engineers.


You'll need

There are no specific prerequisites for this course.


Cost: AUD$2,450 +GST (AUD$2,695 incl. GST)
Duration: 5 sessions of 4 hours
20% off for Group bookings of three or more
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Meet the course trainers

Here's what our customers are saying:

Mastering Requirements exceeded all my expectations and has provided me with new tools to use as part of my day-to-day business analysis.

- Wade Miller, Fronde

By far the best course that any BA could attend, all teams should make this a prerequisite for starters.

- Larry Keim, INFO Group

This was a very well presented course by a presenter who was a "guru" in the subject matter and connected well with the course participants.

- Suman Puri, IRD

A nicely paced, well-presented workshop that introduces some fantastic, easy tools that allow the BA to obtain requirements in a focused, structured method.

- Pauline Thompson, GE Money NZ

Awesome! Best course I've been on.

- Georgiana Gray, IAG

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Mastering the Requirements Process