Agile for HR

Agile for HR
January 17, 2023

Can you really be agile in Human Resources?

When it comes to Human Resources and Learning & Development, agile methodologies can be extremely beneficial in promoting modern organizational practices. By applying the principles of agility to HR and L&D functions, organizations can create more efficient and effective processes that can better keep up with the changing demands of their environment.

Through this webinar session, participants will learn how to apply agile principles and practices to their HR and L&D functions. 

You will learn:

  • How the Agile methodology can be used in Human Resources and Learning & Development
  • Techniques for promoting an Agile mindset within the organization
  • Ideas on incorporating Agile practices into hiring & onboarding, performance management, communication, and pay & incentivization
  • Tips for ensuring Agile practices are effectively adopted and implemented

Presented by:

Joseph Pierce thumbnail

Joseph Pierce, Knowledge Engineer

As a trainer and consultant, I get a thrill out of teaching and supporting people in various stages of their agile journey. As well as sharing my knowledge and experience, I love getting the opportunity to learn from my students. I believe that knowledge sharing is how you build strong and connected agile teams. 

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This is a recorded session of a live webinar event. Watch the webinar above.