Ready to start your DevOps journey?

Our learning pathway covers the introductory DevOps concepts, practices and cultural shift needed to prepare you for DevOps. You’ll then move on to understanding how to implement DevOps with your business context. 


DevOps Fundamentals

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Our DevOps Fundamentals course will provide you with a solid introduction to DevOps, including its history, the cultural changes required to effectively apply DevOps, and the practices that support the goals of DevOps. 

During this program you’ll learn about: 

  • The background of DevOps
  • Version control and configuration management practices
  • Using test automation to support DevOps
  • Continuous integration (CI)
  • Continuous delivery (CD)
  • The deployment pipeline
  • Managing infrastructure and databases

This course offers the ICP-FDO certification so you can become an ICAgile Certified Professional in Foundation of DevOps.  

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Implementing DevOps 


Our Implementing DevOps course will give you hands-on experience working in a DevOps environment. You'll experience applying the practices and techniques in lab-based exercises, using common DevOps tools and learn in which contexts the different tools will work best. 

During this program you’ll learn about: 

  • DevOps policies and processes 
  • Continuous delivery strategy
  • The impact of architectural patterns on DevOps
  • Designing a deployment pipeline and implementing it
  • Automating the provisioning and configuring of environments in the cloud
  • Implementing telemetry monitoring to support continuous improvement
  • Techniques for involving the customer in continuous improvement efforts
  • Maturing the pipeline, including evolving the architecture, using virtualisation and cloud computing, and ensuring compliance and governance is maintained 

This course offers the ICP-IDO certification so you can become an ICAgile Certified Professional in Implementing DevOps. 

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Optional Elective: Agile Test Automation
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Our Agile Test Automation course will provide you with the skills you need to improve the quality of the software you deliver using an automated agile approach.

You'll learn about the practices and techniques used on agile projects, the theory and concepts behind the agile approach and how you can free up more time for higher-level testing activities.

During this course, you'll learn about:

  • The agile culture and mindset
  • The roles and responsibilities for automation in a typical agile testing team
  • The various tool frameworks available to agile teams to facilitate the testing of the project
  • How discipline and standards contribute to effective automation
  • Test automation strategy
  • Continuous integration (CI)
  • Automation support for integration and system testing

This course offers the ICP-ATA certification so you can become an ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Test Automation. 

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