Large Utilities Company

When one of Australia’s largest energy providers recognised the disruptive forces in their industry, they embarked upon an agile adoption to prepare them for an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

The situation

This company astutely recognised a significant level of disruption in the energy sector including responsive energy management, diversified energy supply and demand, distributed energy resources and regulatory changes. These transformational changes have prompted the company to look at their current capabilities and culture and to re-frame these for the future.


The solution

SoftEd has partnered with the company since 2017 to improve upon their existing core project delivery capabilities – specifically to improve the speed of delivery, shift their focus to become more outcome-led, and to help engage sponsors and stakeholders for faster decision making. With full support and funding from the executive team, they are in the first phase of their agile adoption.   

To date, our engagement with the customer has focussed largely on delivery teams with agile, adaptive leadership and project management training supported through workshops and coaching to ensure learnings align with both project and organisational priorities and drivers.


The result

SoftEd’s partnership with this forward-thinking energy company has been dynamic, using our experience to understand the specific business, technical, and cultural challenges to deliver high-value growth opportunities.

We have introduced delivery teams to concepts such as being outcome rather than output focused; using metrics that matter with a focus on value; effective prioritisation; and an understanding that agile is not confined to a project but is an organisational-wide approach. Delivery teams are now able to apply the agile practices applicable to their project and environment.

We are now working with the leadership team to grow a culture of coaching, adaptive leadership, and an agile approach at all levels of the organisation.