Large Energy Company

The energy sector is transforming at an unprecedented pace. Driven by technology, increased competition, and changing customer needs, this Australian energy company sought to chart a new way forward to create a better, faster, and stronger company for the future.

The situation 

Prior to their agile adoption, the company's goal was to improve the capabilities of their ICT development resources to offer improved services to the business units they served and to enhance their reputation as a provider of timely, quality business solutions.

Recognising that a key organisational blocker to their transformation was a siloed approach, their remit extended to encompass an organisation-wide approach to realise maximum benefit from their agile journey. 

The solution

We have partnered with the company to demonstrate the need for, and to build an adaptive, agile development framework across the business that is contextualised to their specific environment and organisational culture. 

Our engagement with the customer began by determining their organisational agility goals, diagnosing their current state, and recommending a roadmap that aligned with their goals. This approach has focussed on why and how the company needed to pivot to focus on a wider organisational transformation rather than creating a process to manage their existing business better. 

The result

We have engaged with both business and technology departments to upskill teams right across the organisation. Following agile training for delivery teams, we also provided agile coaching support to project managers, product owners – as well as finance, governance and the executive to guide their agile transition. This has equipped the delivery team to use a Kanban approach to manage and visualise workflow and provided the finance team with the requirements needed for agile project funding. 

In the delivery of the roadmap, we are committed to building the company's capability to enable a self-sustainable agile approach. This involves both executive and team coaching with an iterative approach focusing on people, process, and technology. All of which will support the company to transform their business to better respond to market changes, challenges, and opportunities.