SoftEd launches new DevOps course

In February 2019, SoftEd launches a new course entitled 'Implementing DevOps' to meet the growing demand for DevOps and agile practices.   The ICAgile accredited course is now available for in-house bookings and public course bookings in Australia and New Zealand. We recently spoke to SoftEd trainer…
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Feedback is a gift, like a toaster on your birthday

It has been said that feedback should be treated as a gift. Sometimes however, this might be a gift like an iron or a toaster on our birthday.   Now a toaster may be a wonderful gift to some people in some circumstances, yet not when you were hoping for something more personal. Feedback however i…
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The most common mistakes people make with agile

When I am asked to coach teams in agile practices I am very interested as to why they want to go agile and what they think agile can do for them. A major misconception is that agile is going to be the silver bullet that makes everything better, faster, cheaper. The benefits of agile are many but it…
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SoftEd write-up by WREDA

 SoftEd has been featured on the WellingtonNZ. com website as part of a profile done by the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA). The write-up titled 'Wellington company quietly taking over the world' outlines how SoftEd started as a small company in Wellington, providing software…
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Scope Doesn’t Creep, Understanding Grows

I’m always a little wary of meeting my heroes.   To be frank, I’m rather scared that I’m going to end disappointed. Meeting Jeff Patton however was certainly an entirely different experience.   Jeff is gracious, kind, considered and self-effacing.   An all-round nice guy.   Not to mention hi…
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Using the options generator for conflict resolution

The options generator is a tool that someone taught me a long time ago, to be used as an innovation idea generator. Basically, you are supposed to find two people and have them share some things that they are good at, then you ask them to identify how they can combine their strengths to come up with…
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SoftEd welcomes new team member, Kinzie Wyche

  Software Education (SoftEd) are pleased to announce the appointment of Kinzie Wyche as Senior Account Manager of Software Education USA, LLC.  Ms Wyche brings to the role over 20 years of training and development experience as a Senior National Account Manager,  Sales Manager and an IT Training…
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Craig Smith joins the SoftEd team as the new Global Agility Lead

 Software Education (SoftEd) are pleased to announce the appointment of Craig Smith as Global Agile Lead. Mr Smith has over 20 years of experience as an agile practitioner, coach and trainer. He is a Director of the Agile Alliance Board, an advisor to the Agile Australia conference, and Director of…
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SoftEd launches new Software Testing Foundation course

In November 2018, SoftEd launched a new software testing foundation program. We talked to practice Lead, Toby Thompson about the new course.  What can participants expect from our new ISTQB Foundation in Software Testing course?Our latest software testing course aims to equip testers with the skill…
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Backing away from agile - The wrong lens

I have already explored two reasons that might lead people give up on agile. The first was losing their focus on being good at what they do and the second was implementing agile approaches as a goal rather than a means to an end. This time I thought I would look at another common situation – when…
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Why are people backing away from agile? Who is the tool?

I recently ran a coaching session for a team who have been adopting agile. They were struggling to gain value from some of the practices and felt a little guilty, but I was impressed with how they collaborated, focused on what mattered and took accountability for delivery. I told them that they were…
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If you are not willing to accept casualties, then you are not ready to lead adaptive challenges

The biggest challenges today are adaptive ones, those in which the various stakeholders, including the leader, must face without a blueprint. To find a solution requires learning, and to learn requires overturning ossified forms of thinking and acting. Vested interests, established hierarchies and…
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