Ready to start your product ownership journey or formalise your skills? 

Designed for product champions, this learning pathway covers product ownership tools and techniques and then moves on to adopting product ownership at the enterprise level. 

Agile Fundamentals 

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Our Agile Fundamentals course will introduce you to the different roles and responsibilities that make up an agile team, the day-to-day agile practices you'll be using, and the principles that underpin them. You'll get to put your learning into practice and experience using kanban boards, elaboration and estimation techniques, and writing user stories, personas and customer journeys. 

During this program, you’ll learn about: 

  • The background of agile and the agile mindset
  • The roles and responsibilities of a typical agile team
  • The tools available for prioritising work
  • How agile teams cooperate and collaborate to deliver business value
  • Team collaboration and communication
  • How discipline and standards contribute to agility.

This course offers the ICP certification so you can become an ICAgile Certified Professional. 

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Agile Product Ownership

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Our Agile Product Ownership course takes a deep dive into the role and the responsibilities of a product owner, and will equip you with the agile tools and leadership skills you need to ensure your projects deliver maximum value to your business. 

During this program, you’ll learn about: 

  • Product ownership roles and responsibilities
  • Identifying which products should be built to maximise business value
  • Building a product roadmap linked to business outcomes
  • Creating personas and using them for product design workshops
  • Techniques such as story mapping, prioritisation and backlog grooming
  • Release plans
  • Using prototyping and usability heuristics to guide product design.

This course offers the ICP-APO certification so you can become an ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Product Ownership.

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Enterprise Product Ownership

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Our Enterprise Product Ownership course covers how to align customer value and enterprise value with your strategic vision and identify and track enterprise-level value through the entire life of an initiative.  

During this program, you’ll learn about:

  • Constructing a portfolio level backlog
  • Evaluating and articulating initiative alignment to enterprise strategy 
  • Applying value-based thinking and negotiation skills 
  • End-to-end value stream mapping
  • Tool and techniques for ideation and discovery activities 
  • Analysis and evaluation approaches for feedback loops and metrics 
  • Evaluation tools for recommending prioritisation, start/stop, pivoting, and sequencing of initiatives within the portfolio backlog. 

This course offers the ICP-EPO certification so you can become an ICAgile Certified Professional in Enterprise Product Ownership.

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Product Management


Our Product Management course will help you to bring products to market that customers love. Learn how to manage a product through its phases and bring in the customer voice, competitive analysis, and market trends to drive better business decisions.

During this program, you’ll learn about:

  • The product adoption curve and the product lifecycle
  • Positioning a product to meet market, customer, and organisational needs
  • Preparing a product strategy 
  • Building a low-fidelity prototype. 

This course offers the ICP-PDM certification so you can become an ICAgile Certified Professional in Product Management.

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