Capability Assessments

What are your agility goals and how are you tracking towards them? We’ll help you to identify where you are on your agile journey and help you to create a roadmap for success. 

For an organisation looking to embark upon an agile journey, a good starting point is to ascertain what your organisational agility looks like currently, what you’d like it to be in the future, and the pathway required to get there.

We are strong advocates of an agile approach to your agile adoption and this starts right away with a capability assessment. Agility is different for every organisation, and ultimately should be considered as a spectrum with the end goal to deliver the most value to the business in the shortest amount of time.

A commitment to your agile journey will require new learning and skills, including the adoption of an agile mindset, new tools and techniques and more collaborative ways of working. This doesn’t just happen at the team level, but should ultimately cascade through all parts of the business.

When working with businesses, we can use tools such as a capability assessment to assist in mapping a journey to organisational agility. This is used to:

  • Determine the current level of agility
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and the corresponding capability uplift required
  • Set transformational goals that are aligned to organisational strategy
  • Determine the scale of the required agile adoption
  • Create a transformation roadmap
  • Set the context for the organisational change
  • Determine what approach or methodology is appropriate for your organisational context
  • Uncover what education, coaching or consulting support will be required to assist you in reaching your objectives



Our approach can be summarised in the learning cycle below. It includes a five-step process:   



First, we listen to your organisational challenges and your aspirations. Then we question – through interviews and research, we build an understanding of your business strategies, your organisational and industry context, and competitive landscape.

Analyse capability: 

Once we've reviewed and analysed your current capability, we capture the problem and the resulting opportunities. We work in consultation with you in an iterative way to ensure that our understanding matches yours.

Design and develop: 

We transform ideas into an action plan. We will develop a customised capability building program that is tailored to your organisational needs and that of your teams. We propose a response that will move your business forward to deliver the results that you need.


We will then deliver a comprehensive program, this may encompass courses, workshops, coaching, experiential learning labs or a combination of all of these.


Following a consultation, we'll complete a review to ensure that the learning and practices have been embedded to deliver the most value. 


If you're looking begin your agile journey, contact us for a free consultation.