Agile testing – how do we make it all fit?

Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole One of the questions I am asked the most is “how do we fit testing into an Agile lifecycle?” this is a big question, and it is something that requires a true understanding of Agile values and principles by the entire team. I think it is a big question…
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Why can’t we all get along? – Why testing schools of thought need to find a middle ground

I recently attended two 1 day testing conferences held in the city of Melbourne – one week apart but with entirely different agendas – or should I say driven by different schools of thought. One was a Context Driven Testing Conference and one was hosted by the local board of an International…
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Applied Exploratory Testing

In June we launch a brand new program - Applied Exploratory Testing.  We talk with Practice Lead, Toby Thompson about the course.  1.        How has this course changed?The course is a lot more practical – the hands on element is a really important factor because while you’re performing activitie…
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Learning to Explore

I’d say I have been naturally exploratory all my life, as many of us are, I learned a few early lessons in life. Like if you mix playing with lighters and dry wood that’s stored in a garage, sooner or later the whole thing will go up in smoke. Another thing I learned is that many journeys from the…
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The future of Testing

“Meteorites, extinction, the end is nigh…Colin Garlick recently posted a blog entitled ’The Impending Extinction of Testers’, it was a blog that was provocative (and intentionally so) to get us all thinking about test automation and the future of testing. Having been in the testing field for almost…
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Agile Test Automation

SoftEd launches a brand new Agile Test Automation program.  We talk with SoftEd trainer, Colin Garlick about all things automation. How has this course changed? This course provides more hands-on training on the techniques of test automation and the use of some of the most popular tools.   These…
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The impending extinction of testers

If you are a tester, there is a meteor heading your way, and that meteor is called automation.   Your very survival will depend on your ability to adapt to life with automation.   Fail to make that adjustment and you will join the dinosaurs in the museum as the new exhibit, “apatosaurus tento”, “The…
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Tips for testers

If you are lucky enough to have specifications to base your testing on there’s always a strong possibility that the author hasn’t captured the requirement as well as they could have. Can you spot anything wrong with the following statements? March planned for Next August Quarter of a Million…
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The Red Pill is not enough

As architects we can take the blue pill and live in a fantasy world where we are doing a bang-up job. Or we can take the red pill, recognising that there is always room for improvement and wanting to get better at what we do. This is the basis of the practice of retrospectives – look at what we…
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Continuous delivery – What does it mean? What does it mean to testing?

Continuous delivery is a corner stone to the Agile approach, that’s why we talk about things like “sustainable pace”, focus on “technical excellence”, and clear understanding of “done”. Within the iteration the team needs to really understand all the activities that produce a tested product and…
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Three steps in improving UAT

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) can sometimes be seen as a “nice to have” or a low priority activity in the software development process, but it is very important to help the development team understand the customer’s and user’s perspectives. UAT is the closing of the feedback loop for how we…
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5 examples of metrics that matter

Testing metrics are fun, powerful and full of goodness as I posted earlier. Most metrics do not work by themselves and all metrics need to be focused on the information that people need to know. My top 5 metrics that matter are: 1. Residual Risk. This is all about what do we know about (i. e. part…
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