Agile Adoption and Organisational Change

Agile Adoption and Organisational Change
08 April

As a way of working, agile is an ongoing transformation that requires a completely different mindset. Moving to an agile approach needs workers that are engaged in their work and managers that possess an entirely new skill set. It also requires organisations to monitor and measure progress differently. 

This webinar will cover how to properly prepare an organisation for the “human” challenges associated with the decision to move to agile methods. If you're working towards a PMI certification, you can gain 1 PDU just by watching. 

During this hour-long session, you'll learn about: 

  • The transformational challenge agile presents to an organisation
  • The organisational change strategies necessary to make the jump
  • Different start-up models vs. complete enterprise adoption

This is a recorded session of a live webinar event. Watch the webinar above.