When you need to scale, do it well.

Scaling addresses the challenge of extending Agile principles and practices across larger organisations. Unlike traditional Agile methods designed for small teams, scaling involves collaboration and alignment among multiple teams, ensuring an integrated approach to development and delivery of initiatives.

Scaling in Agile is, fundamentally, about extending the agility that small teams experience to the broader enterprise context, promoting flexibility, and facilitating successful transformations in complex business environments.

Whether you are rolling out your own scaling approach, or using an existing framework like SAFe. SoftEd's global trainers and coaches can support you through your transformation journey.

 Scale with SoftEd


Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

SAFe is the largest and most popular agile scaling framework globally. SoftEd is a silver SAFe Partner, and can assist you with your transformation, and provide you with training and coaching. We will work alongside you to help you implement and upskill your team. 

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Full SAFe 6.0 A4

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Create your own scaling approach

Sometimes the best way to scale is to design and adapt a framework to match your organisational needs. At SoftEd our team are equipt with the knowledge and expertise to help you and your organisation scale and transform effectively.



Reach out to our team to learn more.

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