What We Do


For you


Today’s fast-paced world requires individuals to constantly be up to speed with the latest trends, technology and advancements. Our courses will help you to develop a toolkit of skills that is up-to-date, relevant and in-demand. You’ll learn from experts in their field with a practical background in the disciplines they teach.

For teams


Internal talent is quickly becoming recognised as the key to organisational success. We work with teams of all shapes and sizes to build their talent. We can deliver our programs specifically to an in-house audience, or because we know one size doesn’t fit all, we can customise or create courses and workshops as well as coaching and mentoring programs to meet your specific training needs.

Agile Coaching


We have extensive experience supporting large and complex organisations as they adopt Agile practices. We work with companies to improve their organisational outcomes, helping them to reduce waste, costs and red tape and deliver quality solutions. This includes working with multinational, distributed project teams and scaling to large multi-site, multi-team implementations.




Update your arsenal of skills so that your knowledge is applicable, relevant and highly sought after.  Ranging from one to five days, our public courses are perfect if you’re looking to build your capability. You’ll train alongside other professionals from a range of industries, learn from some of the top trainers in town, and gain the best mix of theory and practice to put your newly found skills to work.

We offer a range of programs in Agile, Business Analysis, Software Testing and Design and Programming. Click here for a full list of courses or talk to us about team training, we offer a 20% discount for groups of five or more.


We offer our full range of public courses for in-house groups so you can adapt the content to meet your requirements.  This can include mixing and matching modules from different courses and incorporating case studies specific to your organisation. You’ll get the training you want, where and when you want it.

We also offer fully customised programs that align with your specific goals and motivators.  Whether you’re looking for new ways to improve your speed to market, quality of your product, or customer-fit, we can work with you to co-create a program plan that will help get you there.  From managing projects, managing change or managing a full-scale transformation, we’ll help you get your desired outcome.

If you would like to discuss customised learning options for your team or organisation, get in touch for more information. 


Our coaching and mentoring programs work in conjunction with training and will help you to put your learning into practice to really get the most from your investment.  We will pair one of our highly experienced coaches to work with your team/organisation to address your biggest challenges and move your business forward. 

The benefits of coaching are wide reaching, particularly for companies undergoing change programs such as embedding Agile.  Our experience encompasses large corporates and government departments looking to transform their process, practices and people.

We have an expert team of coaches and facilitators with years of practical experience coupled with the latest knowledge. Each has the skills and abilities to bring out the best in your people, whether as individuals or as teams.  And like our training, we can deliver a program in a way and at times that suit you.  


Competency mapping and assessments provide a full picture of your team capability.  They are a valuable tool for identifying opportunities for growth that match your organisational goals and aspirations.

We utilise the Agile Fluency assessment to assist you to chart your path to success.  This guided self-assessment will help you to determine where your team is currently – and where it needs to go to achieve its goals.  While traditional maturity models tend to evaluate and measure activities rather than results, the goal of the Agile Fluency Model is to create the conditions of Agile that best fit your development effort, business need and customer value.

By understanding where your business is currently at in terms of Agile Fluency and your desired end state, we can work with you to develop a roadmap to achieve an appropriate Agile level of maturity. Investment can be in tools, recruitment, capability development – anywhere change is required to ensure benefit and value is delivered to the business.


As well as delivering a comprehensive suite of programs ourselves, we also license our accredited courseware to select organisations looking to establish their own in-house training capability and to teams seeking a cost-effective solution for educating a large number of learners.  Courseware licensing will allow you to deliver training that is flexible and tailored, in a cost effective way.  In addition to our full range of courseware, we also provide comprehensive ‘train the trainer’ sessions to ensure internal instructors are set up for success, and we work closely with these partners to ensure access to the latest updates and advancements. Click here for more information.