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Robots are coming for our jobs - How Testers Can Win The Battle Against The Automatons!

SoftEd's Software Testing Practice Lead, Toby Thompson has written about his experience co-hosting the recent TestWest conference in Australia.

Click here to read Toby's post on the SoftEd Blog.

Scrum Solo Considered Harmful

What is “Scrum solo”? It is the situation in which people think that simply requiring their teams to follow the guidelines of the Scrum Guide is enough to achieve customer delight, engineering excellence, and sustainable continuous improvement...

Read more by Horia Slușanschi on the SoftEd blog


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Whether through our public courses or individually tailored in-house training, with our help you will acquire practical, relevant skills which you can use immediately. What’s more, we can help you acquire certification, if that’s important to you.

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Recent Interviews and Conference Talks

SoftEd's Colin Garlick and Shane Hastie were both speakers at QCon London 2015

Colin's talk on 'An Architect's Worldview' presented a foundation of value for the practice of Architecture. You can read more about Colin's talk on the SoftEd blog or watch the talk on InfoQ.

At the conference Shane spoke to InfoQ's Ben Linders about working effectively in Distributed Agile Teams and why Product Ownership should be a team sport and the Agile Manifesto Translation Program. Check out the interview on InfoQ.

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