The Thoughtless Design of Everyday Things

The Thoughtless Design of Everyday Things
10 August

Why is it that so many software systems and physical products seem to have been designed by someone who has never used a product like it before? Our special guest presenter, the author of "The Thoughtless Design of Everyday Things", Karl Wiegers, sought out to solve the mystery.

In this free webinar, you'll explore examples of thoughtlessly designed products that violate principles of good design, as well as some examples of effective designs. You'll also learn multiple techniques to help designers craft products with a focus on how consumers will use them, not just on their features.

During this hour-long session, you'll learn about:

  • Examples of both thoughtless and thoughtful product designs that illustrate nine fundamental design principles
  • Lessons for good design of both software and physical products
  • Good practices for effective usage-centric product design.



Scrum Alliance┬«: This webinar can contribute to renewing your Scrum Alliance CSM or CSPO certifications.

Project Management Institute (PMI)┬« accredited webinar: This webinar offers 1 strategic Professional Development Unit (PDU) to put towards your chosen certification. Use the PDU Claim Code: 41028TLWJJ.


This is a recorded session of a live webinar event. Watch the webinar above.

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