Success trade-off sliders give you a holistic approach to managing project constraints such as scope, time, cost, quality, stakeholder satisfaction and team happiness.   In this whiteboard session, Andy van der Gugten provides examples of sliders you can use with your team to define project…
In this video John Dobbin discusses the dynamics of HR talent and the importance of the role of HR in improving team dynamics and creating psychological safety. Watch the video.
Discover how DBS Bank adopted a start-up culture to become one of the world's best digital leasers in the financial industry.  Watch the video.
What do you need to know before embarking on an agile journey? In this whiteboard session, Andy van der Gugten explains why you need a have a clear vision and success criteria for measuring progress.  Watch the video.
How can you maximise your meetings? Jim Simmons provides five tips for more productive (and enjoyable) meetings.  Watch the video.
Burn down and burn up charts show how quickly you and your team are burning through your customer's user stories. In this whiteboard session, Jim Simmons provides an overview of how you can use these tools to track your delivery cadence.  Watch the video.
Learn how to visualise work using various Kanban boards in this whiteboard session with Jim Simmons. You'll gain tips and techniques to better manage your projects.  Watch the video.
Why is agile becoming such a common way of working, and what are the benefits? Brian Osman explains how being nimble, responsive and adaptive delivers results faster. Watch the video.    
What is DevOps and how will operations change in the future? Colin Garlick explains how DevOps is the natural conclusion of agile. Watch the video.    
Testing traditionally has been a phase at the end of the development life-cycle. In agile teams this all changes. Toby Thompson explains the advent of agile testing and its benefits. Watch the video.
How can businesses thrive in uncertainty? Pat Reed uncovers how business agility is the key to learn and continuously so that value can be delivered to customers faster. Watch the video.
When adopting agile, leadership is a critical success factor. In this video, Christine Johnston, Executive Director of Technology & Operations at DBS discusses her personal to agility and her learnings along the way.  Watch the video.

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