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Business architecture is a holistic view of the business defined by multiple components. The business architecture decreases costs of business analysis activities for initiatives at both the enterprise analysis strategic level and at the project tactical level by using its components. It assures alignment of technology to business valued processes and improves business decision making by having visibility into business assets. 

In this course you will gain a better understanding of what the business architecture is, what the components are within it, what is needed to build it and how it can be leveraged.  Because the business architecture can have many components and artifacts, they may not all be applicable to every business.  The key is to gain a “good enough” understanding to communicate benefits of relevant enterprise architecture components and artifacts and know which will provide the most business value.



To get the most out of this course you will need to have some understanding of business analysis.

Intended for:

This workshop is intended for those who want to know more about business architectures and how to leverage them, e.g. business analysts, functional and project managers, product and process owners and various architects.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of the overall business architecture structure
  • Be able to communicate the value of a business architecture
  • Be exposed to the various enterprise or business architecture frameworks and tools available
  • Address business concerns by leveraging business architecture stakeholder views
  • Practice building various components within a business architecture knowledge base
  • Use various tools to gain a better understanding of the business when a business architecture is not currently present or planned 

  • Business architecture context and key concepts
  • Building a case for a business architecture
  • Applicable bodies of knowledge and frameworks
  • Importance of understanding the business
  • Components of the knowledge base
  • Leveraging the business architecture
Method used:

Lecturing is kept to the minimum necessary, most of the learning is achieved by applying the practices and techniques in group exercises and a case study. 


This program is offered as a classroom-based course as well as a LiveOnline program. Our LiveOnline delivery is over four days (each 4 hours in duration). The instructor is live and interaction and learning objectives are the same as our in-person classes with the added benefit of being able to take this course from your home, your office or your home office.  We use Zoom for our LiveOnline classes.  Zoom is an easy to use and reliable cloud platform and we have in place robust security settings to ensure our users and their privacy are protected. For more information please check out our FAQ page.   

Course outline

Understanding Business Architecture (PDF).