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LiveOnline: 4 sessions of 4 hours

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Want to know what service design is all about and how it can help you to create better quality service experiences for your customers? Our Service Design Workshop introduces the principles, tools, and techniques used in any service design initiative. This program will provide you with a more efficient and effective approach to exploring and solving complex design problems or opportunities. Bringing together elements of lean, agile and design thinking, this process encourages experimentation, continuous learning, adapting quickly and focusing on value so that you build the right solutions in the right way.  You'll learn how value is best derived when an organisation balances customer expectations and needs with organisational capabilities and strategies.  

Geared to the entire team – product owners and business analysts, architects and developers, business leaders and strategists, and designers – our Service Design Workshop recognises that the best services are derived from an “all perspectives” approach to any service design challenge.


Intended for:
  • Business leaders and strategists responsible for complex service offerings
  • Product owners and business analysts working in cross-functional teams
  • Cross-functional team leaders and team members developing service offerings
  • Designers moving from traditional UX to multi-dimensional service offerings



There are no prerequisites for this workshop.


Learning outcomes:

During this practical workshop, you'll learn about:

  • What service design is and how it applies across a wide variety of challenges and opportunities
  • Service design in the context of product design and experience design
  • The importance of exploring the needs, motivations and behaviours of users
  • How the service design process benefits from agile, lean and design thinking processes
  • How to plan and execute the 5-step design sprint process
  • The various service design tools and techniques
  • How to use different research techniques
  • The facilitation skills needed to lead workshops
  • The various service design tools and how to use them
  • The difference in design roles and how to grow service design capability within your organisation


  • Service design definition
    • Categorising service design
    • Service design compared to product design
    • Service design and other design disciplines
  • Service design principles
  • Design thinking
    • Design thinking perspectives
    • The stages of a service design initiative
    • Design process methodology
    • Service design engagement
  • Research and users
    • Forms of research
    • Customer centricity
    • Customer research
    • Engagement with the service ecosystem
    • Scenarios, stories, requirements
    • Research strategy
  • Research techniques
    • Key research skills
    • Focus groups
    • Direct observation
    • Interviews
    • Customer journey interview
    • Active listening
    • Using personas
  • Service design tools
    • Mapping experiences
    • Customer service ecosystem
    • Service blueprint
    • Customer journey map
    • Empathy map
    • Experience map
    • Service blueprint
    • Future state journey map
    • Prototyping & testing
  • Leading workshops
    • Types of workshops
    • Workshop – planning & preparation, kick-off
    • Facilitation skills
    • Design sprint
    • Creating a workshop plan
  • Service designer role
    • Service design and other design disciplines
    • Service designer engagement
    • Growing service design capability


Method used:

Lecturing is kept to the minimum necessary, most of the learning is achieved by applying the practices and techniques in group exercises.


Course outline

Service Design Workshop Outline (PDF)