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Do you need to analyse and work with large volumes of data?  For anyone looking to improve their knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language) this course will teach you how to write SQL SELECT statements to retrieve and analyse your data from a relational database.


Intended for:

This course is designed for anyone who needs to be able to access relational data using SQL, including:

  • Developers.
  • Test analysts and engineers.
  • Business and systems analysts.
  • Data analysts.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Learning outcomes:

During this module you will learn about:

  • Writing SQL SELECT statements in a structure way, starting with visualising the desired output.
  • Ordering the data according to your needs.
  • Filtering the records to get only the relevant information.
  • Using expressions and scalar functions to transform the data.
  • Using inner joins to read data from multiple tables simultaneously.
  • Finding unmatched records with outer joins.
  • Using aggregate functions to summarise your data
  • Reclassifying your data with new criteria

  • Understand the nature of relational databases.
  • Read records and fields with SELECT / FROM.
  • Eliminate unwanted duplicate values with DISTINCT.
  • Sort the records with ORDER BY.
  • Filter the records with WHERE to select only those records you are interested in.
  • Use the conditional operators with WHERE.
  • Return the fields in the desired format with expressions.
  • Apply the various scalar functions.
  • Read records from two tables with inner joins.
  • Read records from many tables.
  • Know when and why to use outer joins, and how to implement them.
  • Summarise data with aggregate functions.
  • Group records with GROUP BY.
  • Filter groups with HAVING.
  • Derive new classifications of records with CASE. 

Method used:

This is a hands-on course. You will have dedicated use of a workstation for the database exercises and you’ll apply what you learn to an SQL Server or Oracle database. 


This program is offered as a classroom-based course as well as a LiveOnline program. Our LiveOnline delivery is over two days (each four and a half hours in duration).  The instructor is live and interaction and learning objectives are the same as our in-person classes with the added benefit of being able to take this course from your home, your office or your home office.  We use Zoom for our LiveOnline classes.  Zoom is an easy to use and reliable cloud platform and we have in place robust security settings to ensure our users and their privacy are protected. For more information please check out our FAQ page.    

For people with hearing loss, we can provide closed captions and in some cases full transcripts for our LiveOnline courses. In addition to captioning, we can also provide early access for learners with hearing loss to read through the course materials and test the tools and technologies. 

Course overview:

Introduction to SQL Outline (PDF).