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What is the course like?

When using experience-based techniques a lot of testers focus on just "getting the testing done", starting the testing effort without consideration for what to test and when. Exploratory Testing is not an excuse to not document, cut corners, or "just follow your nose". It is a structured, disciplined and advanced technique.

When using an Exploratory Testing approach it becomes even more critical to plan and prepare the team to ensure the testing is effective and efficient. This course shows how Exploratory Testing techniques can be used to maximise the return on investment from the test team. It introduces planning, key techniques, tracking, tools and reporting with reference to Exploratory Testing. Various types of test approaches are explored. Participants will learn how these can be used to focus their testing and maximise the testing efficiency of the team. Participants will learn about tours, checklists, test charters and other exploratory test techniques in a hands-on and practical day of testing.

You'll learn

During this course you will learn about:

  • The fundamentals of how to plan and structure an effective and efficient approach to exploratory testing
  • The important factors to be considered in the planning of exploratory testing and the key techniques and tools that can be used.

Great for

Anyone interested in using exploratory testing.


You'll need

To get the most out of this course, you will need to have a basic understanding of software testing.


Cost: Not Applicable
Duration: 6 hours
20% off for Group bookings of three or more
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Here's what our customers are saying:

Enjoyed the course and feel more confident that I understand the concepts of exploratory testing.

- Karen Cowley, BNZ

Presenter was excellent, the humour kept me engaged, the practical tools were priceless and the process of being led through thinking in different ways super useful.

- Mary Gill, ADInstruments

Very valuable, fun, kept me interested and engaged all the time. A lot of practice and collaborative exercises.

- Irina Melnik, Adscale Labs

Stimulating and inspiring.

- Sarah Dietrich, ADInstruments

The course was interesting and highly relevant and a great basis to start exploring exploratory testing in earnest with focused and reportable testing.

- John Foote, RWWA

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Applied Exploratory Testing