When ANZ needed to speed up their delivery, they partnered with SoftEd to get their business humming.

The challenge

ANZ Banking Group is an Australasian bank and financial-services provider with over 15 million customers. It is one of Australia's ‘big four’ banks.

ANZ’s Contact Centre Delivery Team (CCD Team) manage the IT assets and all project services for the Australian Contact Centre; these including speech recognition, IVR, call routing, SoftPhone and related desktop applications. 

Recognising that their current way of working had some inefficiencies, this ANZ team decided to make changes. Made-up of a technology delivery team and a business team, there was some disconnect – the business team generated ideas, defined their requirements and then engaged the technology delivery team. It was a very transactional relationship that was ripe for change.

The solution

Having completed an extensive analysis of their current processes including process mapping their current state, the team identified the key areas for improvement as faster time to market; greater influence on what’s been prioritised and what’s been worked on; and closer alignment within the teams.

They felt the best way to make improvement was through an agile working model. SoftEd partnered with ANZ to provide foundational agile training and then, as a second step, provided a series of workshops and coaching to help the team collectively put their learnings into practice within their organisational context. A coach was then engaged to observe, correct and advise the team so they could fine-tune the activities, enhance practices and embed changes.

While the training was originally intended for the immediate delivery team, it was soon extended to include staff from outside of the group. The team could see real value in getting as many people trained as possible - getting them involved and part of the solution to ensure greater buy-in to the desired outcome.

The result

The greatest change so far has been the closer working relationships and collaboration between the business and technology teams. The teams have been able to improve their time to market for the initial product they were working on, and they’ve developed a strong foundation to improve time to market for future work-streams as well. agile rituals and practices have benefited not only the CCD but importantly, their stakeholders and customers as well. 

ANZ has also seen a change in the mindset within both teams, everyone is now working together, no longer is there ‘us and them’, and they’re all working towards a collective desired outcome. There is now a culture of collaboration, continuous feedback and they’re continually changing and improving their practices to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

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With the practices we have put in place we can showcase working code to the business so they can see direct progress; and we can ship the product a lot quicker. From idea to shippable product we’ve certainly sped up that process.”

Joel Graham,
Delivery Manager,