Making Better Project Decisions With Confidence

20 April

No one wants to make a bad decision. We want to think we’re making the right choice, taking the appropriate action and heading in the right direction.

Sometimes, we don’t make decisions at all because we lack the confidence to act. Often we’re surprised when the outcome is not what we expected. But time and time again, that’s just what happens. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And it’s not hard to fix

If you follow the steps below the next time you are about to make a decision, you can improve your confidence level and maybe your outcome by 100%.

  • Understand the outcomes: Decision outcomes can be simple for decisions that involve only you. But if your decision involves others, how they will be affected and their willingness to support or reject the decision needs to be understood.
  • Communicate with purpose: With an understanding of the outcomes, do what’s necessary to deliberately engage those people whose effort you need to achieve them. This process only moves as fast as the slowest member. And that could be you. Then, approach anyone who might be disadvantaged by the decision. It is important to hear their perspectives.
  • Make the decision: Once you have communicated and received feedback from people who will be affected by the decision and understand the outcomes, positive and negative, you must act and make your decision known. In the case of a personal decision, it’s best to memorialise the event in whatever way makes sense to you: a journal entry, video, social media post, etc.


Each of us makes thousands of decisions every day. Most are trivial, requiring little thought. Many are not trivial, especially those where other people are part of the picture. Decide for yourself how you’ll approach those decision making moments. You’ll be glad you did.

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