Business Agility

"In the long run, the only sustainable source of competitive advantage is your organisation's ability to learn faster than your competitors." - Peter Senge

The world is changing rapidly. Businesses of every shape and size are feeling the overwhelming pressure and pace of change.  This rate of disruption is best highlighted by the fact that a staggering seventy percent of companies that were listed on the Fortune 1000 list just ten years ago no longer exist. 

There is little reprieve in sight. Technological advancements, turbulent market conditions and shifting customer expectations are driving the need for more adaptable organisations. To survive in this new world, businesses not only have to stay ahead of the game, but ahead of the competition – both known and unknown. But what if your organisation could navigate through change effectively and use it as an opportunity to get better, rather than just getting through?

Our business agility program is our assertion that uncertainty may be certain, but this need not be daunting. This unique program is designed to help you to move to a culture of learning, design thinking and organisational agility.  You’ll discover how to sharpen your focus so you can deliver maximum value to your business, and your customers. 


In this new world, whilst so many external factors are changing, much of our organisational thinking, planning and processes have stayed the same. To make change manageable, many organisations fall into the trap of viewing change as a process or framework to follow. Instead, business agility recognises that in these challenging and complex environments, outdated management practices no longer serve us. In its place, we must adopt a culture of learning and a change-mindset to provide the greatest competitive advantage.

Business agility is the ability to perform in new, ambiguous situations by learning and adapting rapidly when confronted with unforeseen circumstances. It is all about shifting the culture of an organisation, this includes moving the dial on people, process, structure, strategy and leadership to create a culture of learning.

We can help you to build an agile organisation that can function more effectively in a less clear-cut world. We offer transformational programs in business agility and leadership tailored to leaders, management, and team members who require the requisite skills and capabilities to entrench a transformation. Our team of trainers, coaches and transformation leads will not only help you understand the benefits that agility can bring, they will help you deliver on your transformational goals.


Our business agility programs help leaders and influencers to anticipate the future and stay ahead of the shift shaping global business. Our programs will help you in three key ways:  

Delivering value

1. Identify Value 

We utilise a business agility framework to help you to identify value, this encompasses:   

  • Ideation
  • Problem solving
  • Innovation
  • Experimentation
  • Learning
  • Value engineering

2. Manage Value

We utilise a management approach to ensure you are appropriately set up to manage and deliver the right value, this includes:   

  • Funding models
  • Governance
  • Value-based prioritisation
  • Descaling approaches

3. Deliver Value

We will help you to deliver value through high-performing empowered teams with a lightweight, adaptable and end-to-end framework, this encompasses:  

  • Customer engagement and feedback loops
  • Experimentation and continuous learning
  • Eliminating waste
  • Maximising value
  • Solution alignment
  • Transparency
  • Fast feedback
  • Increased quality
  • Improve time to market 


Business agility offers a number of benefits, including:


Tick   Realising benefits faster by prioritising, thin slicing work and delivering a minimum viable product

Tick   Capitalising on new emerging market opportunities

Tick   Delighting the customer through customer empathy, innovation, and design thinking

Tick   Reducing risk through rapid learning cycles

Tick   Delivering value-driven services and service innovation

Tick   Improving the delivery engine by continuously improving and eliminating waste

Tick   Faster and more responsive services

Tick   Driving change to create emergent competitive advantage


Do you have a perplexing business problem that needs solving? Our highly experiential learning labs are designed to work through the most challenging and complex problems/opportunities that businesses face.  We'll facilitate a series of intensive workshops where we’ll assist you to run thin-sliced experiments focused on specific outcomes. Our learning labs are proven to break through barriers and blockers to lead to new and smart solutions.



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