Digital Summit 2020 – Agility Accelerator Workshop

01 December

The 2020 Digital Summit that took place last month, brought together thought leaders from all over Australia to share their insights and experience in transforming government services at every level. As part of the virtual event, SoftEd's Craig Smith and Agile Lead at the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), Julian Smith co-presented a workshop on accelerating agility.

The hands-on and interactive session aimed to help public sector organisations build capability to support agile ways of working, from policy development through to service design and delivery.

Today ‘agile’ is no longer just a buzzword. From building a spacecraft to manufacturing, some of the most complex and largest organisations in the world are using agile ways of working to deliver better outcomes, respond to change, improve quality, foster more productive and happier teams, and reduce risk.



Belle Hogg from the DTA also captured a visual scribe of the workshop.

agile accelerator visual scribe


Guest post by Craig Smith.

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