The Better Work Project: The Seek Asia Story

26 March

What happens when you redesign a business from the ground up? In this podcast, we're joined by the former Head of Agile Practice at Seek Asia, Tze Tang to talk transformation. We discuss organisational design, engagement, and how to make radical change at speed.



  • The aim of Seek Asia was a single unified organisation, with the right culture, one product, multiple brands, and an ability and readiness to engage on a different level.
  • The brand had acquired two other businesses and this required a change in direction and vision.
  • Post acquisitions, the management team took time to pause and do some sense-making. They resisted the urge to just start changing things. It took three months to talk to people, understand the context, and understand the dynamics that had come about.
  • The redesign of the company was done using agile values and principles. They decided the organisation should reflect the marketplace. So being a jobs marketplace, they focussed on the candidate side and the hiring site and established an organisational blueprint.
  • Within each domain the team mapped out what was the customer journey and they established KPIs to determine what good looked like.
  • A core principle for the leadership group was that there was no issue that was too small for anyone to fix.
  • The self-selection process was called mission recruitment. Every team had a very clear objective, a clear mission, that people were recruited into. And part of the recruitment was to instil the power of choice back to the individual.
  • It was a flat organisation with three-levels. This was to address decision-making at the team level to improve delivery cadence.
  • A real point of difference for the organisation was the care leaders had for the wider team.
  • Engagement was a key area of focus. To start with engagement was below 20%. The team actively invested in this and began to measure leading indicators rather than lagging ones.
  • To remove the noise in the organisation the business invested in Vibe, a continuous engagement tool.  This meant the team had feedback from people that didn't have a voice previously. The leadership team made a commitment to respond to every piece of feedback within the week.
  • Items were prioritised to fix quality issues. And a WIP limit was introduced where change was systematic and introduced in a more sustainable way.
  • A key question for the team was how to add just enough structure and still have flexibility and creativity to adjust.
  • After 18 months they completed thousands of deployments a month.  The team engagement score was lifted to 70%.



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