SoftEd Group launches advisory service

22 August

Software Education (SoftEd) are pleased to announce the launch of a new advisory services business. Operating from August, the business will also provide services in organisational strategy and design, agile delivery, portfolio management and product/service design. 

Managing Director, Martyn Jones announced the service launch from the company’s Wellington headquarters.  “We are delighted to announce the launch of our new advisory business. SoftEd is a leading agile training provider across Australasia, Asia and the Americas, and this new service extends our offering to more fully support our customers on their agility journey.” 

The shift to new ways of working such as agile and lean has been growing in recent times. No longer the domain of technology teams, enterprise-wide agile adoptions are now becoming commonplace. The 2019 State of Agile Survey indicates 97% of respondent organisations practice agile development methods. Reasons for adoption include accelerating delivery, improving productivity, lifting predictability and reducing risk. 

“SoftEd has been involved with the agile movement for the past 18 years so this is really a natural progression for us. Our company has expanded both in terms of geographic reach and service provision in the past five years and this latest offering is part of our global growth strategy.” 

SoftEd is a leading provider of agile education services and is the largest ICAgile accredited provider globally. The company works with technical and business teams in both the public and private sectors. 

“For businesses today, the only certainty is change. We help our customers to better prepare themselves to adapt to market shifts, changing customer needs and new technologies. We help them to accelerate their time to deliver customer value by creating an organisational culture that is adaptive, responsive and future-focused. Most importantly, we believe that it is our customer’s talent that should be their best source of competitive advantage, so we work with businesses to the point that knowledge has been transferred and we are no longer needed. It is this concept of self-sufficiency and sustainability that sets us apart.” 

The new advisory services will be available in SoftEd’s main markets of New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the United States.