Risk Based Testing course

23 September

Have you ever been testing on a project and the test execution phase is squeezed until you end up not being able to run all the tests originally planned? You test as much as you can fit in but how do you know which areas to focus your test efforts on? How do you know which bits to test first?

A risk based testing approach is a great way to do this. It provides a structured manner in which to de-scope tests and allows visibility of the risk coverage. It allows the project stakeholders to make sound business decisions based on the test team’s assessment of risks, both mitigated and residual.

Software Education offers a one-day Risk Based Testing Course. By the end of the course, you will understand the role risk plays in a risk-based test strategy and will be able to create a risk analysis to help focus your testing and design test cases relevant to the level of risk identified.

The content of the course includes:
• Risk and how it fits into the fundamental test process
• Definition of risk
• Risk process
• Benefits and costs of risk-based testing
• Types of risk analysis
• Risk assessment
• Test strategy
• Turning risks into tests: building test cases and test procedures

This one-day course is for anyone with a basic understanding of testing and who is interested in using risk to help guide their test efforts. It is available in Auckland (23rd Oct 2012), Wellington (8th Nov 2012), and Christchurch (9th Nov 2012).

To register or for more information, please contact our sales team by phone on 0800 268 773 or by email [email protected]

Posted by Donna Chin