Don’t let your buglets escape!

08 December

I caught up with an Agile team this week and learned a new word: buglet

We were discussing how the move to Agile methods has improved the quality of their products – the test lead pointed out that they have found and fixed a total of 8 defects so far in the project, previously there would have been hundreds by this stage of the project.   During the discussion, they mentioned not letting buglets escape, which intrigued me.

It turns out that buglet is the term they’ve adopted for in-iteration test failures when a test fails the tester notes the circumstances and records a buglet against the story so the developers can address it as soon as possible.  The whole team is focused on making sure buglets are squashed before the end of the iteration, making sure that stories are Done-Done-Done and keeping quality high.

Simple language and simple processes that are resulting in quality products that meet customer needs, faster better, cheaper.

What terms and approaches are your teams using to keep quality high?


Posted by Shane Hastie