Continuous delivery – What does it mean? What does it mean to testing?

18 October

Continuous delivery is a cornerstone of the agile approach, that’s why we talk about things like “sustainable pace”, focus on “technical excellence”, and clear understanding of “done”. Within the iteration, the team needs to really understand all the activities that produce a tested product and make sure they are included in the team’s definition of done and estimates. So when thinking about the delivery of products we need to identify all the delivery items. I found the graphic attached and really think it helps us identify what we need to think about.


Continuous Delivery diagram


Continuous delivery

But then I found this graphic, and I love how it talks about how testing is identified as part of this work! This is marvellous as in a true agile implementation all the work (yes….all the work) is included in the iteration or release planning. So understanding how to build the quality in, and this how to build the quality assessment in is a very useful step to take!

Test Strategy diagram


Continuous delivery test strategy

So during the iteration planning session, the team need to identify when each of the testing activities in addition to the development activities, as well as the precursor and post-testing activities will be done. The team as a whole needs to make the code suitable for delivery at the end of the iteration.

With continuous delivery, the focus of the agile team is not on the delivery of one attribute or feature, but on the continuous, high-quality delivery of value. The iteration plan needs to consider all the elements that are required for continuous delivery and incorporate the delivery of these elements into the planned approach. This should include all the levels and types of testing required, as well as the production of the test deliverables.

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Post by Sharon Robson