Agile methods gaining ground

04 October

In Q1 this year Forrester Research conducted a survey of organisations to gauge the uptake of Agile methods.  The results: approx 30% of organisations today say they are using Agile methods, up from 8-10% 2 years ago.

Chris West from Forrester presented the results at the recent HP Virtual Conference.

In his presentation, he discussed the impact of Agile methods on governance, and in the way team roles and interaction change. 

He states:

“We are seeing a trajectory change,” West said. “The specialization of labor is being replaced by a model that provides frequent delivery, increased customer involvement and a different team organization.”

The move from a waterfall approach to Agile does not mean there is a reduction in governance. Rather, in West’s view, a different type of lifecycle governance is required, where milestones are set up to help manage risk and ensure effective communications.

The Agile method also affects the roles that different staff members play in the software development process. West said that business analysts move from being documenters to being decision makers.

“They are empowered to make decisions about the business,” West said. “They are now product or functional owners now and they understand the problems and that allows the team to deliver the software faster.”

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Posted by Shane Hastie