SoftEd sponsor Southern Fried Agile

SoftEd is delighted to be a gold sponsor at the Southern Fried Agile Conference in Charlotte on 30 November 2017. The Southern Fried Agile Conference brings together analysts, developers, executives, ScrumMasters, coaches, and delivery teams for a day of learning and networking.   
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7 Habits of Highly Effective Trainers

Having been in the business of helping organisations upskill their teams for many a year, I've seen my share of trainers, good and not so good. And I've been lucky enough to work with some exceptional trainers, who seem to have the knack to both lift the competence and simultaneously inspire their…
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The Darker Side of Agile adoption

Most organisations I have come across that are attempting to adopt Agile are generally looking for improvement.   That improvement could be in the way that they deliver, how quickly they deliver, improving on existing processes, or providing a way which will help staff feel motivated about what they…
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Be careful what you say – you might just get it

"Agile without automation is just waterfall. " This was a statement made to me in an online chat discussion a few years ago, that had me challenging what that might mean and the implications it might have.  Agile as an umbrella label is made up of different approaches to working such as Scrum…
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Notes on story walls – longer term planning

I have been writing about story walls and how agile teams might use them to manage their work. But some agile teams feel rushed because although they can see what needs doing today, they don’t know what is coming next. So in this article, I will extend the idea of using a story wall to look into the…
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Business Analysis: Turning gloop into concrete

Business analysis is often seen as a technical skill. The business analyst builds process and data models, writes precise requirements, makes requirements traceable, estimates the effort involved, and so on. These are what we refer to as hard skills. But a business analyst has another set…
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Less is more

I have to confess, I’m a bit of an Audi fan.   Recently I had the opportunity to participate in their  “Audi Ice Experience”, at the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds just out of Queenstown NZ. Trying to race against the clock and control the high spec’d vehicles in snow and ice was a lot of…
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Top 6 Critical BA Skills For The Future (And Today!) - Part 2

When I wrote part one of this article series, I wanted to go deeper and have heard from many that deeper is where part 2 needs to go!You’ll see the original six critical BA skills below with additional details and questions to help your team think about how to apply these valuable skills. 1. Data…
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Notes on story walls – simple task walls

Most Agile teams use story walls – either physical walls or online tools to store their stories. But a lot of those teams see the wall as a burden rather than a tool that makes life easier for them.  This is a shame because the only reason you want to have a wall is because it makes it quicker and…
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Top 6 critical BA skills for the future, and today

Regardless of title (BA or not) and approach (traditional, Agile, or hybrid), everyone in the business of discovering, defining and delivering value can prepare for the future by developing the following skills: 1) Data Insights Modeling and data relationships are moving to the back seat while data…
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Shane Hastie at Agile NZ Conference

SoftEd Chief Knowledge Engineer and Global Agile Practice Lead, Shane Hastie delivered two talks at the Agile NZ Conference. Click the video below to view.   If You Need to Start a Project, You've Already Failed #noprojects   Product Ownership is a Team Sport 
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Quick and Easy Health Checks for Agile Teams

I often tell Agile coaches to start with a health check on the teams they are about to coach. People think this health check is a great idea and they often research complex algorithms and assessment tools. But that is really hard work for you and the team.  So at our coaching clinic, we tried a lazier…
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