Do you get value from retrospectives
Do You Get Value From Your Retrospective?

A retrospective is a meeting where the team stop working and take a step back to review how well they are working and what they...

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Different Retrospectives and Premortems

One of the most powerful components of Agile approaches is the retrospective.

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Agile Singapore
Agile Singapore Conference

SoftEd is delighted to be a gold sponsor at the Agile Singapore Conference.  The event takes place from October 6-7 at the Hotel Fort Canning.

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What do testers do1
What do testers do on Agile projects?

I was just talking to someone who is on the journey towards the good life in Agile.

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Agile Testing
Agile testing – how do we make it all fit?

Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole

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Agile dev
Top 6 Benefits of Agile Development

You’ve heard the terms ‘Agile’ and ‘Scrum’ and wonder if they’re a passing fad or the latest enablement solution. I’ve built a career deciphering between the two, teaching clients...

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