I test therefore I am…..not a good team member

I just read an excellent article from James Whittaker on testing at Google and I just loved his point about the T-shirts that state “I test therefore I am”. The premise is that people should not be too hung up on roles, more focused on products. I come across this so much working in the Agile…
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Are you an unconscious incompetent tester?

What does personal development mean for a tester? How does going on a course help a tester?What value is gained by the organisation sending their testers for training on a certification course? Some testers have been doing the same job for years and figure there’s nothing more they need to learn…
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What does automation mean to me?

If you had asked me this question when I first started my career as a software test analyst, I would have probably told you that automation had nothing to do with me – it was all those fancy things the automation team used to do with tools in order automate the execution of tests. These days I tend…
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The future of testing?

There seems to be a lot of discussions around right now about the future of testing, which direction is testing going, what skills will we need, etc. This all seems to depend on the technology under test, the lifecycle being used, and of the level of “Certification” of the testing team. Quite…
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What to look for in system testing

Previous readers of this blog will have noticed the intellectual firepower and sheer passion of the contributors who share their views on testing. They will also have noticed the blatant and shameful lack of authority with which one contributor (me) replies to questions and issues around…
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Lessons learned in software testing – an experience report

In the google group Software Testers New Zealand, a discussion thread was posted about testers favourite testing books. One of the main books mentioned is Lessons learned in software testing. Cynthia, a tester based in Auckland New Zealand wrote this great experience report using the book Lesson…
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Testing in Agile – seperate or integrated?

I’ve been thinking about how to organise testing within an iteration. The challenge is that activities within an iteration are particularly related to a specific story. However, there are aspects of testing that are larger than a single story (e. g. integration testing). There are testing activitie…
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Top 10 exam tips

As Knowledge Engineers who work with people who are aiming for certification we often find people asking how to best do exams. This is really interesting! As established professionals in a field, it can be years since people have done an exam, so sometimes the exam can seem daunting and scary. So…
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Don’t let your buglets escape!

I caught up with an Agile team this week and learned a new word: buglet.   We were discussing how the move to Agile methods has improved the quality of their products – the test lead pointed out that they have found and fixed a total of 8 defects so far in the project, previously there would have…
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Pair Testing

Pair testing isn’t new and in fact it has more well known cousin in Pair programming. What it does well is that it allows for two different sets of eyes testing the product. Essentially one is the *driver* and drives the keyboard whilst the other is the *observer* or *navigator* (I prefer navigator…
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36 Testing Heuristics

I was able to see James Bach at STANZ  2009 and one of his slides REALLY stood out. He called it the Thirty-Six Testing Heuristics, and he uses it as checklist or reminder of the key things that need to be considered in testing anything. Sounds good huh? Well here we…
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Common testing issues

What are the key things that we find are issues for software testing? How can we address these problems? In my experience we usually have a solution to most of the problems – we just need to identify the problems and then we can workshop the solutions! Here is my top 10 problems:1. late delivery of…
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