With freedom comes great responsibility

Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: “With great power comes great responsibility. ” This is my gift, my curse. Who am I?I’m Spiderman. As with Peter Parker, I see the same holding true with Agile testing. I was recently delivered a course on Agile testing and I found…
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Training and certification – let’s clear it up a bit

In a recent blog from the very active NZ Testing Community I read about training and certification being treated as the same thing. This made me realise that there are some very general confusions in our industry around this. I am hoping to clear some of them up. To me, there is a huge difference…
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Automated eye exams

Eye exams these days have changed a lot since I started going to an eye doctor at a very young age. I remember visiting an old ophthalmologist who ran a very comprehensive and manual set of tests on my eyes. It took over an hour, probably closer to two! Back then, I was not a child to sit quietly…
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A discussion about ‘Value Sync’ with Robert Sabourin

At STANZ 2013 this coming August guest speaker Robert Sabourin – adjunct professor of software engineering at McGill University, President and Principle Consultant for Amibug. com, and author of ‘I Am A Bug’ – will be providing a keynote speech on ‘Value Sync’. The following discussion explore…
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What’s new in ISTQB 2012 Test Techniques?

It’s interesting to note that the section on specification-based test design techniques went from 2 pages in the 2007 ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst Syllabus to 9 pages in the 2012 Syllabus. The ISTQB have expanded on each of these techniques: Equivalence Partitioning (EP), Boundary Value Analysi…
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UAT – the hardest type of testing to do!

UAT stands for User Acceptance Testing, and in my opinion the hardest type of testing of all to do!Why is it so hard? Well there are a myriad of reasons and I am going to explain to you why I think that UAT is like testing with all your arms and legs tied tight behind your back!First your right…
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STANZ 2012 – From the back of the room (Auckland)

During STANZ in Auckland, I had the opportunity to listen to Alan Kan as he spoke on “How to Make Your Testing More Agile”. Why does testing need to be Agile? Because testing needs to respond to the shorter and shorter delivery cycle that is the norm these days but testing still has to balance…
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STANZ 2012 – From the back of the room (Christchurch)

During STANZ in Christchurch, I had the opportunity to attend Sharon Robson’s “Leading The Way – From the Back of the Room”. This session discussed what leadership entailed – more than just managing but guiding and empowering others to do their job well. Leadership involved:  • Learning from the…
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Risk Based Testing course

Have you ever been testing on a project and the test execution phase is squeezed until you end up not being able to run all the tests originally planned? You test as much as you can fit in but how do you know which areas to focus your test efforts on? How do you know which bits to test first?A risk…
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STANZ 2012 – From behind the keynotes

It was amazing!! Taking this year’s STANZ conference on the road added some spice to give it a slightly different flavour. The first stop was Christchurch where fancy dress was optional in the medieval setting of The Chateau (with moat included). Even the toilets were labelled ‘Lords’ and ‘Ladies’…
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Firewalls from a tester’s viewpoint

As testers, we often forget about firewalls and their potential impact on our testing so I thought I’d write this blog as a refresher on firewalls. A firewall restricts the network traffic through them. It does this pretty much like a security guard screens people entering an exclusive Hollywood…
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Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD)

It’s great when a team of people work together to produce something useful and effective; using ATDD is a customer-focused way of delivering what people want. Elisabeth Hendrickson (who will be speaking about ATDD at Fusion and STANZ this year) describes ATDD as “a practice in which the whole team…
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