How testers can win the battle against the automatons!

In the third annual Western Australian testing conference, TestWest 2015, organised by Bankwest, 200 attendees from 45 different companies were greeted with a shock and awe keynote given by digital entrepreneur Thor Essmen.    In his keynote ‘Speed is the New Black’ Thor explained that: “Mobile i…
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Trust me, I’m an Architect

Isn’t it time we took a moment to consider not what we do as architects, but how we do it?  There is plenty of discussion about the various practices of architecture, but often we put others (and the development teams in particular) off the architecture by our own practices or character.   In the…
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Metrics rock!

Yes! Metrics are fun, powerful and full of goodness. The key to making metrics like this is to understand what people want to know about your solution and the gather the information, via test execution, that tells them what they need. To do this just decompose the metric into the information that…
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SQL 101 – know what you need to know

SQL can seem daunting as it is another language, but to make it easier I often say to the class “what is the question you are asking?” In my classes for SQL one of the key lessons we focus on is clearly figuring out what you need to know from the data base. I get the class to tell it to me in plain…
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UAT – how much is it worth?

UAT (User Acceptance Testing) is a hugely powerful activity in the software development lifecycle. It is the phase where the development team gets the chance to prove that the new or modified software does two key things:Supports the fundamental business process or goal Works in the target…
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SQL? NoSQL? NewSQL? What the … SQL??

I was doing some reading over the Christmas break and was honing my skills on NoSQL (as you do!) and then saw this article from InfoQ that talks about SQL making a come-back. I for one did not even know that it had gone…
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Testing = thinking, thinking = testing

If you are having problems talking to people about testing, or helping others in your organisation understand the role of testing in the development lifecycle my best advice is to change the words you use. The first change is to not say “testing” but instead say “thinking”. This means that the…
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Agile walls Part 3 – testing walls

My last post was about Architecture Walls, this one is a distillation of the architecture into the testing world. In this post I describe how testing can be displayed, tracked and managed on a wall for an Agile TeamTesting walls. Testing walls are similar to architecture walls but take a different…
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Agile walls part 2 – architecture walls

This is part 2 of my 4 part series on Agile walls and the uses we can have for them. The premise of the wall is big visible charts, constant and accessible updates and clarity for the entire team on what is happening. Architecture Walls. Architecture walls are very different yet strangely similar to…
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Agile walls part 1 - planning walls

BVCs, TOWs and POWs are very important tools in the Agile world but what exactly are they? BVCs are Big Visible Charts, TOWs are Things on Walls and POWs are Plain Old Whiteboards. Why are they valuable tools?Because everyone can see them, study them,understand them, and ideally update them…
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Test Automation Pyramid expanded

I was recently at Nashville attending Agile 2013 and had the great pleasure of finally meeting Janet Gregory. I have been tweeting with Lisa Crispin for years and it was fabulous to meet the Janet part of the “dynamic duo” that I had not met before. Why the dynamic duo? Lisa and Janet wrote the…
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Software Testing essentials is accredited!

We got the wonderful news a short while ago that the new Software Testing Essentials course that we wrote to change the face of software testing training, has been accredited by the Australia New Zealand Testing Board (ANZTB). What does this mean? Well…. it means that ANZTB has assessed (and…
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