Agile Testing
Agile testing – how do we make it all fit?

Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole

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Why can’t we all get along
Why can’t we all get along? – Why testing schools of thought need to find a middle ground

I recently attended two 1 day testing conferences held in the city of Melbourne – one week apart but with entirely different agendas – or...

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Testing Thinking
Applied Exploratory Testing: New for 2016

In June we launch a brand new program - Applied Exploratory Testing.  We talk with Practice Lead, Toby Thompson about the course.

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EXT launch
Learning to Explore

I’d say I have been naturally exploratory all my life, as many of us are, I learned a few early lessons in life.

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The future of Testing
The future of Testing

“Meteorites, extinction, the end is nigh…Colin Garlick recently posted a blog entitled ’The Impending Extinction of Testers’, it was a blog that was provocative (and...

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Agile Test Automation
New course for 2016: Agile Test Automation

In 2016, SoftEd launches a brand new Agile Test Automation program.  We talk with SoftEd trainer, Colin Garlick about all things automation.

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