Charting a Path to the Future Roadmaps and Story Maps
Charting a path to the future: roadmaps and story maps

One of the common misconceptions about Agile development is that products are built without any planning or thought to overall architecture and product design.  That...

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What it means to have an adaptive portfolio

One of the significant benefits of using an Agile flow-based delivery model instead of large batch product development is the ability to change direction easily,...

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Emerging Innovations in Agile Software Development
New Agile book published

Emerging Innovations in Agile Software Development was recently released. SoftEd trainer, Siva Kumar was one of the editors. 

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Agile Coaching
Lost your way with Agile?

Coaching is an interesting journey. For a coaching engagement that stays the course, it can often take both coach and coachee to very unexpected positive...

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Shane Hastie
The Agile Alliance: A Q&A with Board member Shane Hastie

2016 marks the fifth and final year SoftEd’s Shane Hastie will be on the Board of the Agile Alliance.

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6 Things the Agile Business Analyst Should Know
6 Things the Agile Business Analyst Should Know

There is a lot of confusion about the role of business analysis in agile development – some people say we don’t need analysts, others tell...

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