Service Design at the Heart of Agility

Service Design at the Heart of Agility
15 April

What is service design, how is it being practised today and how does it fit with an agile approach to working?

In this webinar, SoftEd's Jim Simmons and our guest presenter Marina Chiovetti cover how service design processes can help your organisation focus on your customer's needs and improve service quality. 

During this interactive, hour-long session, you'll learn about:

  • Definitions for service design 
  • How service design relates to the other design disciplines 
  • Design thinking across the whole organisation  
  • Why customers are the new focus 
  • Aligning teams with services or products 
  • The stages of a service design initiative 
  • Service design and agile project management 
  • Big projects: radical innovation or incremental improvements 
  • How to hire and manage great service designers  

Watch the webinar above.