How to become a T-shaped professional

How to become a T-shaped professional
21 November

What are the most crucial skills that software developers and engineers need to have? Most people, when asked this question would say that mathematical proficiency and technological expertise are most important.

For many years now training and education have focused on building STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) capabilities in an attempt to keep both workers and corporate companies competitive. But, the realities of business are changing. The need to deliver solutions more quickly has become critically important and this requires a new set of skills.

Being “T” shaped means you have the deep technical expertise needed to provide value for your organization (bottom of the “T”) but you also have the broader skills (top of the "T") you need to function within complex organisational structures. These skills might include conflict management, negotiation, communication and presentation to name a few.

During this practical, hour-long session, you'll learn about:

  • The fundamental shift occurring in the type of work available and needed in today’s economy
  • Why current management structures are failing and the impact of management structure failure
  • The definition of a knowledge worker and how this type of worker needs to be managed and motivated
  • What "T-shaped" skills are and how people are using them
  • T-shaped skills and agility
  • How being “T-shaped" drives productivity and decision making
  • How the fate of companies and individuals hinges on driving “T-shaped" development
  • Why “T” is the exception, not the rule and how you can fix that

This is a recorded session of a live webinar event. Watch the webinar above.