Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive Leadership
29 April

In this webinar we explore the leadership skills needed for agile to be sustainable as a way of working and for companies to succeed in a VUCA world.  

Many agile thought leaders over the last 10 years have speculated that the death of agile would come from middle management or the "frozen middle". The role of a "middle manager" significantly changes when organisations move to an agile way of working and this often isn't well communicated. Organisations need to provide a roadmap for change for these professionals and the necessary skills, tools and techniques for these folks to transcend from middle manager to adaptive leaders. 

During this hour-long session, you'll learn about: 

  • What adaptive leadership is and what it isn’t
  • The mindset needed to utilize the skills and techniques of adaptive leadership
  • Pragmatic ways to introduce adaptive leadership into your organisation 

If you're working towards a PMI certification, you can gain 1 PDU just by watching. PDU claim code: 4102XA8WV4

This is a recorded session of a live webinar event. Watch the webinar above.