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Writing effective use case descriptions is part art, part science and not a skill that comes easily to most. This course covers the fundamentals of requirements elicitation with use cases, and provides you with examples and experience in writing use case descriptions, drawing on best practice from experts in the field.  This Use Cases for Requirements Gathering course aims to answer the tough questions about deciding on the appropriate level of detail to present based on the context of the system under development.



IIBA endorsed: This course is endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and is aligned with the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®). This course will contribute 14 PDU's (Professional Development Units) towards the IIBA certification requirements for ECBA, CCBA, CBAP and CBATL.  Please note the PDU requirements may vary between certifications, please check the IIBA website for full certification requirements. SoftEd's EEP number for this course is E48087-007.


Intended for:

  • Business Analysts (new and experienced) looking to learn a solid requirements elicitation technique
  • Experienced Business Analysts who wish to formalise their experience with training


You will need to have some understanding of basic business practice, and to have been exposed to the capabilities and limitations of computer systems.  Our Business Systems Analysis course is a suggested lead-in.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the essential elements of use cases
  • Effectively uncover system requirements by identifying and describing use cases
  • Effectively employ use cases in system development projects


  • Overview discussion of use cases
  • Essential elements of use cases:
    • Actors
    • Stakeholders
    • Design scope
    • Level
    • Scenarios
    • Goals
    • Exceptions
    • Extensions
    • Inclusions
  • The writing process
    • Discovering the context and rationale of the problem
    • Identifying the use cases to cover the full scope of the system
    • Elaborating use cases to document the flows of events, etc.
    • Analysing use cases text to uncover specific system requirements
    • Converting use cases description sentences into well-formed requirement statements (functional and non-functional) 
  • A style guide with suggested formats for different levels of use case
  • List of time-saving use case writing tips
  • A proven methodology for taking advantage of use cases
  • Templates with discussion on when and how they should be employed

Method used:
Lecturing is kept to the minimum necessary, most of the learning is achieved through applying the practices and techniques in group exercises.

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Course outline:
Use Cases for Requirements Gathering Outline (PDF)