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Do you need to analyse and work with large volumes of data?  For anyone looking to improve their knowledge of structured query language (SQL), this course will teach you how to write SQL SELECT statements to summarise and analyse your data.

This is one of four 4-hour modules that cover SQL.  These modules are independent and are provided at different times.  You can attend all modules or only those that are of interest to you.  Furthermore, you can attend the modules in any order (subject to the relevant prerequisites).


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LiveOnline delivery

This program is offered as a LiveOnline course.  It is delivered in a virtual classroom environment that includes an instructor and other participants just like a traditional classroom, but from your home or workplace.


Australia AEST: 11am-3pm 
New Zealand: 1pm-5pm 
Singapore: 9am-1pm  


Intended for:

The modules of this course are designed for anyone who needs to be able to access relational data using SQL, including:

  • Developers
  • Test analysts and engineers
  • Business and systems analysts
  • Data analysts



A basic understanding of SQL SELECT statements is necessary for this module.  This is covered in the Queries and Expressions module.


Learning outcomes:

During this module you will learn about:

  • Using aggregate functions to summarise your data
  • Reclassifying your data with new criteria
  • Writing a cross-tab query, equivalent to a pivot table in a spreadsheet or data analysis tool
  • Creating meaningful analyses of your data with nested/subqueries.


  • Summarise data with aggregate functions
  • Group records with GROUP BY
  • Filter groups with HAVING
  • Change the database’s behaviour around case-sensitive text comparisons
  • Derive new classifications of records with CASE
  • Perform cross-tab queries, similar to pivot tables in a spreadsheet
  • Nest a subquery in the different clauses of an outer query
  • Use and create views.


Method used:

This is a hands-on course facilitated by an instructor online.  Each module will take 4 hours.

You will connect using your own computer from your own location, using Zoom meeting to attend.  The hands-on exercises are carried out using your choice of SQL Server or Oracle in an online environment accessed through an up-to-date web browser.

Instructions on how to connect will be sent to you by email before the course starts.  You will need to install Zoom, either from the instructions in the email or from  Information on the system requirements for Zoom is available at