LiveOnline Exploratory Testing

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DURATION: 6 hours

Learn to think like an exploratory tester by opening up new lines of enquiry you never thought existed.

Exploring, thinking, critiquing, modelling and questioning in any context is not as easy as it might seem. This highly practical program aims to draw out the very best of your thinking and questioning powers. You’ll learn to explore systems using a wide range of techniques, tools, and ideas to ensure the quality of your product throughout its development.

This LiveOnline Exploratory Testing course is designed for the wider development team, and can be completed individually or as part of a group. The program aims to make you a better thinker all round – so you don’t need to be a tester or a QA or any specific role because we believe everyone in a project team can contribute to the quality of the products they are building, and any role will gain a set of skills that can be used in multiple contexts.

LiveOnline delivery

This program is offered as a LiveOnline course.  It is delivered in a virtual classroom environment that includes an instructor and other participants just like a traditional classroom, but over two three-hour sessions from your home or workplace.

Australia AEST: 12pm-3pm (over two consecutive days)
New Zealand: 2pm-5pm (over two consecutive days)
Singapore: 10am-1pm (over two consecutive days)

You will need a basic understanding of testing.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you will understand the fundamentals of how to plan and structure an effective and efficient approach to exploratory testing. You will understand the important factors to be considered in the planning of exploratory testing and the key techniques and tools that can be used.


  • Introduction – what do we mean by exploratory testing?
  • Preparing for your context
  • Critical thinking and analysis skills
  • Toolbox
    • Models
    • Mnemonics
    • Checklists
    • Heuristics
    • Tours
    • Language-based strategies
    • Tracking
      • Creating test charters
      • Planning your mission
      • Session-based test management
      • Thread-based test management
    • Tools
      • Generate data
      • Capture results
      • Track coverage
      • Log time and assess performance
      • Generating and reporting meaningful results

Method used

This program is highly practical and interactive – you will apply your learnings on a number of different media throughout the course, keeping you engaged, entertained and enlightened.

This course is delivered in a virtual classroom.  You will need to download the Electa Live virtual classroom application on your computer, tablet or mobile device before you can attend live sessions. You will require a computer, internet connection, webcam and headset with microphone.

What can I expect from LiveOnline?

LiveOnline training offers all of the advantages of classroom-based training but with added flexibility. You can expect: 

  • Real-time instruction: A trainer is LiveOnline facilitating the session and is available to answer questions just as you’d expect in a physical classroom environment
  • Group interaction: Courses are held online for groups of up to 20 participants. You will have the opportunity to participate in break-out group exercises and share with other participants within the LiveOnline learning platform
  • Course materials: All participants will be sent a copy of the supporting course materials in an electronic format

LiveOnline Learning Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my LiveOnline course?
You will receive a link following your registration with all of the necessary information.

You will need to download the eLlecta Live virtual classroom application before you attend the course.

What platform do you use for LiveOnline classes?
We use the eLecta platform to conduct LiveOnline classes.

What are the minimum software requirements, if any?
A full list of minimum software requirements can be found here.

Can I test the platform to ensure I can access it in advance of the course?
Yes, you can test your access to the platform in advance here.

What equipment will I need?
You will need a computer, internet connection, webcam and headset with microphone.

What technical support is available?
Participants can contact eLecta's support site by submitting a support ticket or call +44 20 8133 6276.

Course outline:
LiveOnline Exploratory Testing Outline (PDF)