Introduction to SQL

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Reading, adding, changing and deleting database data?  Our Introduction to SQL course has it all, from data access to data manipulation. For anyone looking to up-skill their knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL) this course will teach you to retrieve data from a relational database using SQL SELECT statements and to make changes to that same data by creating SQL INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements.  This is a hands-on course where you have the opportunity to apply what you learn in a safe-to-fail environment. 

Intended for:

Our Introduction to SQL course is designed for anyone who needs to be able to access relational data using SQL, including:

  • Test Analysts and Engineers
  • Business and Systems Analysts
  • Data Analysts


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Create SQL SELECT statements that retrieve any required data
  • Create SQL INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements to make changes to data
  • Manipulate your data to modify and summarise your results for reporting


  • Relational databases
  • Reading data
  • Adding data
  • Changing data
  • Deleting records

Method used:
This is a hands-on course. You will have dedicated use of a workstation for the database exercises and you’ll apply what you learn to an SQL Server or Oracle database. 

Course overview:
Introduction to SQL Outline (PDF)