Foundation of DevOps

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Accredited Course PMI2

In solving one problem, Agile has created a new bottleneck at the interface between development and operations teams, each having very different goals.  DevOps has evolved as a way to bring these two teams together and accelerate the delivery of value to the users and customers. This course provides an overview of DevOps, including its history, the cultural changes required to effectively apply DevOps, and the practices that support the goals of DevOps.  We explore continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), and the deployment pipeline that lies at the heart of DevOps.


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ICAgile accredited course: Successful completion of this course will enable you to gain ICP-FDO Certification. This course is part of the ICAgile DevOps track.

Project Management Institute (PMI)®
 accredited course: This course is accredited with PMI® and will contribute 14 Professional Development Units (7 technical hours and 7 strategic hours) towards your chosen certification.


Intended for:

  • Managers
  • Team members
  • Anyone wanting to understand the case for and potential of DevOps
  • Anyone looking to understand their role and practices in a DevOps environment

    Anyone wanting to know what changes to start making to prepare for DevOps


We recommend that you have completed some formal Agile training, such as our Agile Fundamentals course.

Learning outcomes:
By the end of the course you will be able to understand: 

  • The background and mindset of DevOps
  • The practices of version control and configuration management that support DevOps
  • How test automation supports DevOps
  • The essentials of continuous integration (CI)
  • The principles and practices of continuous delivery (CD)
  • The deployment pipeline and its purpose
  • The challenges and support for managing infrastructure and databases
  • What changes to start making when first starting out with DevOps


  • Introduction to DevOps 
  • Version control 
  • Automated testing
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • Deployment pipeline 
  • Infrastructure management
  • Databases

Method used:

This is an interactive course using group discussions and paper-based exercises to understand the concepts and how they can be applied to the participants’ individual circumstances.

Course outline:
Foundation Of DevOps Outline (PDF)