Design Thinking and UX Workshop

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This Design Thinking and UX Workshop has been developed by the Collab Folks.  In this program you will be introduced to the world of Design Thinking and User Experience (UX) and will get to know about different disciplines involved in the process of making a valuable experience. Unlock your creative potential and start building your toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success by making more desirable solutions for your products.  

Intended for:

  • Team members interested in the Digital User Experience Design
  • The team is encouraged to bring in participants from other departments (e.g. customer success, operations)

A basic understanding of design.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course you will be able to understand:

  • Who are our users? How do we find out more about their needs?
  • How do we turn user research insights into design strategies?
  • How can we test and validate our designs objectively?


  • Introduction and Icebreaker
    ○ History Map
    ○ Plan for the day  
  • Introduction to the Design Thinking Process and UX
    ○ Understand, Explore, Test
    ○ Designing for Physical vs Digital Products
    ○ Activity: Framing your design challenge

  • Empathize
    ○ Observation/User research techniques
    ○ Activity : Interviewing
    ○ Activity : Empathy map

  • Define
    ○ Actionable problem statements
    ○ Activity: POV - User, need, insight

  • Retrospective
    ○ Start, Stop, Continue

  • Stand Up
    ○ Recap of day 1
    ○ Plan for day 2
  • Ideate
    ○ Brainstorming

  • Prototype
    ○ Prototyping techniques
    ○ Activity: Storyboarding
    ○ Activity : Paper Prototyping

  • Test
    ○ Measuring for Design Decisions
    ○ Activity : Usability Testing

  • Retrospective
    ○ Start, Stop, Continue

Method used:

Use of Socratic method of training that involves a 100% hands-on workshop with activities, case studies, demos and instructional games.

Course outline:
Design Thinking and UX Workshop Outline (PDF)