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Got an idea for a new product or service or a business problem that you're not quite sure how to solve? A design sprint is a structured, user-centric approach to creating or improving products and services that brings together all the different disciplines and areas of expertise needed to test the viability of an idea or solution without investing a lot of time and money.

The design sprint process is a five-step approach that develops a clear understanding of both the business and user needs and explores a wide range of creative solutions which are later refined. By the end of the sprint, you will have a prototype that has been tested to validate that the solution is creating the value it is intended to create.

We'll work with your team to plan an effective design sprint, guiding and supporting the team through pre-sprint preparation and facilitate the sprint process. Because experienced facilitation is critical to the success of a design sprint, we can also train and coach team members to plan and facilitate their own design sprint process. 


Intended for:
  • Business leaders that want to find out more about how a design sprint can help teams to innovate products and services and solve business problems.
  • Anyone who wants to facilitate, organise and run a design sprint.
  • Business, technology and design team members that will participate in design sprints.


How we will work with you to plan and facilitate your design sprints:


  • We'll discuss the nature of the project challenge and the basics of how a design sprint might address the challenge.
  • We'll agree on the first steps and assemble the team. 

Pre-sprint planning and preparation:

  • You'll provide us with brief and high-level background material.
  • Your SoftEd sprint facilitator will meet with key sponsors and/or project lead/coordinator to further define the goals of the sprint and work with them to plan pre-sprint work - research, prepare presentations, invitation list.
  • The project lead/ coordinator will book resources including customers or users and send invitations to team members. They will also assign the pre-sprint work. 

Facilitating the design sprint:

  • Our SoftEd sprint facilitator will take the team through the five-step process:
    • Learn/ understand: the team is provided with all the data, research and information needed to understand the problem that they are trying to solve. You'll also interview customers and users to make sure that their needs are understood. Then the key learning objectives for the sprint are identified to focus the rest of the sprint on.
    • Sketch/ ideate: this part of the process incorporates a number of exercises to get ideas flowing and to elicit fresh thinking. There are no bad ideas and it helps not to be overly critical.
    • Decide/ refine: this is when ideas are refined, and the team decides on the idea that best solves the problem that was outlined in the first part of the process.
    • Prototype: the team will build a prototype that is as close to a polished look-and-feel representative of the final product as possible. 
    • Validate/ test: this is when you'll bring back the customers or users to use the prototype and note their feedback. You'll also discuss the results with the business sponsor. By this part of the phase, you'll either know that you have developed a workable solution to the problem, or you'll now have a much better understanding of the problem and how to address it through further effort.


  • We'll run a retrospective and assign the next steps.


  • We can include training and coaching during the process so that you can plan and facilitate the design sprint process.


Method used:

Our SoftEd sprint facilitator will support and guide teams through the design sprint process.



Course outline:

Design Sprint Planning Outline (PDF).