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LiveOnline: 3 sessions of 4.5 hours

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How do you combine your analysis skills with agile tools and techniques?  If you’re a business analyst working in agile projects, our Agile Business Analyst course will help you understand how to operate in an agile environment so that you’re better equipped to deliver value to your organisation.  You will learn how to build the right products, for the right customers, at the right time while reducing waste.



Project Management Institute (PMI)® accredited course: This course is accredited with PMI® and will contribute 14 professional development units (PDUs) towards your chosen certification (14 technical hours).  

Intended for:

Individuals who work with Agile teams doing business analysis tasks including: 

  • Business Analysts 
  • Project Managers 
  • Software Developers 
  • Those in quality assurance  

If you are primarily intending to be a Product Owner, we suggest you attend our Agile Product Ownership course. 



This course builds on your existing knowledge of business analysis. If you are new to business analysis or want to learn how to perform core BA activities, we suggest you attend the Business Analysis Fundamentals or Business Systems Analysis course.  


Learning outcomes:

During this course you will learn about:

  • The Agile mindset and key Agile principles 
  • The role of the Business Analyst in Agile teams 
  • How modelling techniques are used in Agile 
  • How to integrate requirements management into an Agile process 
  • How to derive user stories from analysis models such as process models, class diagrams, use cases and other tools of the analysis trade 
  • Utilise guidelines and practices for designing and deploying an effective agile business analysis process   


  • A brief overview of the Agile mindset and key Agile principles 
  • Where business analysis fits in the Agile lifecycle 
  • Explore the techniques from the Agile Extension to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge strategies and practices for integrating the BA with Agile teams 
  • The Value Management team and the role of the BA and Product Owner 
  • The Agile development lifecycle 
    • Vision 
    • Product roadmap 
    • Personas 
    • Stories 
    • Story maps 
    • Prioritisation 
    • Release planning 
    • Backlog grooming 
    • Story splitting 
    • Story elaboration 
    • Frequent releases 
    • Successful closure 
  • Using existing analysis models in Agile projects to identify and extract user stories: use cases, process models, class diagrams, decision tools, state transition diagrams 
  • Principles for Agile business analysis and how they influence effective outcomes for our customers 


Method used:

Course delivery includes a mixture of discussions, group exercises, and workshops to reinforce concepts learned.  



This program is offered as a classroom-based course as well as a LiveOnline program. Our LiveOnline delivery is over three days (each four and a half hours in duration). The instructor is live and interaction and learning objectives are the same as our in-person classes with the added benefit of being able to take this course from your home, your office or your home office.  We use Zoom for our LiveOnline classes.  Zoom is an easy to use and reliable cloud platform and we have in place robust security settings to ensure our users and their privacy are protected. For more information please check out our FAQ page.  


Course outline

Agile Business Analysis Course Outline (PDF)